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County Executive Supported Liquor License Legislation Passes General Assembly

Annapolis, MD (April 11, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced today the passage of House Bill 1454 which will allow each restaurant owner to obtain more liquor licenses.

"The bill offers incentives to developers and restaurant owners, to place new establishments in under-served areas, as well as areas in need of revitalization," said County Executive Owens. " It will also allow greater consumer choice and diversity in restaurants available to County residents."

The bill, titled "Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Deluxe Restaurant Licenses", expands the ability of a restaurant owner to gain more liquor licenses then current law allows. Before this bill, only two licenses were granted to each restaurant owner. House Bill 1454, if signed into law by Governor Bob Ehrlich, will allow a single ownership group to have up to 6 Licenses in County.

The Liquor License Bill also grants the county new tools to manage new growth and infrastructure costs to specific areas where the county has panned for increased traffic, parking and other issues associated with development.

The bill was supported by a broad and divergent range of groups including; the Anne Arundel County License Beverage Association, national restaurant owners, prominent business leaders, developers, and the Anne Arundel County Delegation.

"I want to thank all parties involved, in particular Chairman Mary Ann Love for her leadership in bridging all interest groups," said Ms. Owens.

The bill will go into effect July 1, 2006.


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