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Office of Planning and Zoning Releases Land Use Analysis

Commercial and Industrial Land Identified

Annapolis (November 13, 2006)--The Office of Planning and Zoning announced today that the Research & GIS Division has released a report entitled ‘Commercial and Industrial Land Use Analysis for Anne Arundel County.’ This study evaluates and analyzes the amount of commercial and industrial land that is either underdeveloped or vacant and available for new development.

The analysis indicates that there are 18,308 acres out of a total of 266,140 acres of land in the County zoned for commercial and industrial uses. The analysis was done using the six land use categories: Commercial, Mixed Use, Maritime, Industrial, Odenton Growth Management Area and Town Center.

Out of the 18,308 acres, 11,927 acres are either developed or have no development potential. The remaining 6,381 acres, consisting of vacant land and underdeveloped land, are available for new development. Underdeveloped land includes land with existing improvements and the potential for additional new development or redevelopment.

The 6,381 acres is predominately zoned for Industrial use (4,339 acres), followed by Commercial use (1,363 acres), and is located generally in the northern part of the County, surrounding BWI airport, west of Ft. Meade, and in northern Glen Burnie.

This data is one of the tools that can be utilized to identify priority growth areas and initiate the groundwork for a new general development plan. This report is available on-line at where it is posted on the front page of the Office of Planning and Zoning web page under ‘Quick Links.’

For additional information, the public may call Margaret Kaii-Ziegler, 410-222-7463.


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