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Anne Arundel County and Fort George G. Meade Enter into Agreement to Negotiate Millersville Landfill Gas Purchase

Annapolis, MD (October 3, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens and Fort George G. Meade Installation Commander Colonel Kenneth O. McCreedy together announce a Memorandum of Understanding, to negotiate a contract for the sale of all methane gas generated at the Millersville Landfill to Fort Meade.

"Methane gas is generated at the Millersville landfill and will continue to increase significantly over the next twenty years," said County Executive Owens. "That’s why this agreement is so important. Fort Meade can utilize the methane gas that is currently being burned off at the landfill."

Once Anne Arundel County and Fort Meade execute a gas sales contract, Fort Meade will save on their energy costs and the County will generate revenue to support its Waste Management programs. Fort Meade will have the opportunity to use the gas as a source of energy at one or more locations on the installation. It is currently predicted that the potential use of the methane gas includes, but is not limited to, supplementing natural gas used for steam generation at various boilers on the installation.

"This projects represents a rare win-win situation for Fort Meade," said Colonel McCreedy. "The installation will be acquiring a source of less expensive, renewable and reliable fuel, and the County will no longer need to flare the methane gas as a waste product. The Memorandum of Understanding exhibits the continued partnership that Fort Meade has with Anne Arundel County."

The Memorandum of Understanding establishes the framework to negotiate over the next twelve months. It is anticipated that the joint effort will result in a long-term contract to use this vital resource. That term will begin when construction of a landfill gas pipeline running from the Millersville Landfill to Fort Meade is completed.

According to the MOU, both parties agree the issues surrounding pricing of and billing for the methane gas will be resolved during the contract negotiation process.


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