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County Executive Janet S. Owens Signs Agreement of Sale

Image: Kinder Farm Signing

From left to right, Chris Wilson, Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District Board Member, Kenneth Carr, Chairman, AASCD Board, County Executive Janet S. Owens and Michael Phennicie, AASCD Board Member.


Additional 400 Acres of Farmland to be Permanently Protected

Annapolis (August 21, 2006) - County Executive Janet S. Owens today signed an Agreement of Sale which will allow the County to move forward with the purchase of a 400 acre farm in West River. The farm, currently owned by Mrs. Mary Kinder, will be known as the Miller Farm, is located on Sudley Road at the headwaters of Rockhold Creek.

The terms of the sale are being handled under a Capital Improvement Project known as Rockhold Creek Farm and will be acquired as a fee simple acquisition in the amount of $2.8 million.

"This is a pristine property that is permanently protected from development, but even more, this will be a place for the public and the farming community to observe and perpetuate farming practices that are part of the fabric of this County’s heritage," said County Executive Janet S. Owens. "I am so grateful to the Kinder and Miller families for passing their legacy on to the citizens of this County. Mrs. Kinder wanted this farm to remain a working cattle farm and to be a place for the public and the children to enjoy. I am pleased that we can fulfill her wishes."

At the signing of the Agreement, Ms. Owens also announced that companion legislation will be introduced at the County Council meeting tonight. Council Bill 73-06 will authorize a lease agreement between Anne Arundel County and the Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District. Under the terms of the Lease Agreement, the lease has the potential of remaining in place up to 30 years.

Anne Arundel County is the first in the State to enter into such an agreement with the Soil Conservation District that will result in a unique opportunity for the public to have a first-hand opportunity to observe farming practices. Under the management of the District, this farm will remain a working cattle farm and will serve to preserve farming methods as well as provide farmers with an opportunity to observe best management practices. All income generated from the farm will be put back into maintenance and improvements on the farm.

This property, a significant acquisition, will permanently protect an additional 400 acres of farmland in Anne Arundel County and is contiguous to other already permanently protected property that has been acquired through State, County, and Rural Legacy funding. The Miller Farm is immediately to the south of the property formerly known as the Leatherbury Farm.

Located on the headwaters of Rockhold Creek, the permanent preservation of this farm from development will protect the creek from development impact and will provide an opportunity to enhance the wetlands.

Mrs. Kinder and the County are expected to go to settlement on the property later this year.


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