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Jessup Truck Detour Announced

Annapolis (November 22, 2006) - The Department of Public Works (DPW), Bureau of Engineering has announced a temporary truck detour at the intersection of Wigley Avenue, Montevideo Road and Forest Avenue in Jessup. DPW is currently managing a capital improvement project to install a traffic roundabout at this location.

Construction on the roundabout began in August. Contractors installing the roundabout for DPW have been able to accommodate traffic through the intersection during the preliminary phases of the project. However, from November 27 to approximately December 27, weather permitting, truck traffic will temporarily be restricted from using this intersection. During this time, contractors will be pouring the concrete required for the final phase of the roundabout which will temporarily restrict the width of the travel lane.

A detour route to include Route 1 and Route 175 has been posted. Other motorists should use caution when traveling through this intersection and heed traffic control information and flagmen.

For further information, the public may contact Frederick Ateto at (410) 222-7556.


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