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Anne Arundel County Employees See Sharp Drop in Loss Time Injuries

Annapolis, MD (February 6, 2006)- Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced a 42% reduction in lost time injuries for County employees over the past three years. There has also been a 22% reduction in days lost due to injuries and a 38% reduction in OSHA Reportable injuries, which are injuries that require time away from work, or medical treatment beyond first aide.

"I am pleased that our risk management efforts are resulting in fewer injuries and a healthier workforce. Fewer claims also result in a stronger self-insurance fund and savings to the taxpayers in the long-run said," Ms. Owens.

The breakdown in reduction of loss time, days lost and OSHA Reportable cases is as follows:

22% reduction in days lost injuries42% reduction in lost time injuries38% reduction in OSHA Reportable injuries
Image: Lost DaysImage: Lost TimeImage: OSHA
9,891 to 7,734 in CY 2003 to 2005361 to 209 in CY 2003 to 2005509 to 307 in CY 2003 to 2005

These totals represent all County agencies, the Board of Education, Anne Arundel Community College and the Anne Arundel County Library.


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