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Inspections and Permits and Office of Law Report Land Use Judgments and Orders

Annapolis (May 10, 2006) - The Anne Arundel County, Department of Inspections and Permits and Office of Law announced today the results of several code violation cases that were heard in District Court last week. The Office of Law brings citation cases to court the first Tuesday of each month and injunction cases are heard the first Thursday of each month.

“The following cases are fairly representative of the number of violations Inspections and Permits brings before the courts each month, “ said Spurgeon Eismeier, Director. “While our objective is to have the property brought into compliance before reaching this level, clearly, in some cases we must ask the courts to intervene and direct the property owner to pay fines and abate the violation.”

The following judgments and orders were imposed by the District Court on Tuesday, May 2, 2006:

Claytor (critical area grading):$1,000 fine +costs + abatement ordered.
Unlimbited Tree (critical area grading):$1,000 fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Carter (zoning):$125. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Cory (zoning):POSTPONED to 7/11
Gartelman, Nick (zoning):$250. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Gartelman, Dolly (zoning):$250. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Getz:Dismissed w/o prejudice at direction of department
Johns (zoning):violation abated; $150. fine + costs
May (zoning):$125. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Rawlings, Robert (zoning):$250. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Rawlings, Laura (zoning):$250. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Redmond (3 zoning citations):$200./fines + costs + abatement ordered.
Reyes:violation abated; fine waived (due to health/hardship); abatement of new violation ordered.
Slaughter, David (grading):$500. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Ward, David (zoning):$60. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Weed, Harold (zoning):$100. fine + costs + abatement ordered.
Zink, Ronald (grading):violation abated; $150. fine + costs.
Yahyavi, Shurleen (zoning):violation abated; $125. fine + costs
The Department of Inspections and Permits is responsible for the enforcement of all grading, critical area, building and zoning codes.

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