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County Executive Owens Officially Opens the Henry L. Hein Public Service Building

And Opens the Anne Arundel County Emergency Operations Center

Annapolis, MD (August 8, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens officially opened the doors today, to the Henry L. Hein Public Service Building. The building houses the Emergency Operations Center, the Emergency Management offices, a public auditorium, Workforce Development Corporation and the Community Public-Education and Government Television Station.

"On behalf of the citizens of this County, I am honored to name this facility the Henry L. Hein Public Service Building. The name is fitting since Henry Hein was a man who embodied public service throughout his life," said County Executive Owens. "Mr. Hein was a life-long resident of Glen Burnie who loved this town and constantly worked to improve it." Members of the Hein Family were on-hand for the dedication, including his wife of 62 years, Carolyn Hein, and son Ernest Hein.

A key component of the facility is the Emergency Operations Center. The State-of-the-Art facility was completed in just over a year, and enhanced the square footage by 8,300 square feet. The former EOC, housed in the basement of the Fire Department Headquarters, had only 1,000 square feet. The new facility is 9,300 square feet.

"We not only improved service to County residents by moving the Emergency Operations Center into this facility, but we saved millions of dollars by recycling," said Ms. Owens. "The new Henry L. Hein Public Service Building was the old Crown Movie Theater. The total budget for converting the EOC in this building was $2,000,000 verses as much as $17,000,000 if we had constructed a new building."

The total square footage of the Henry L. Hein Public Service Building is 27,628 square feet, and the total project cost was $5,600,000.


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