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County Executive Leopold Signs Executive Order

To Authorize Referrals to the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Maryland Attorney General

Annapolis, MD (December 6, 2006 )- Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold signed Executive Order Number Thirteen prioritizing the policy whereby certain violations of the State of Maryland Environment Article could be prosecuted as criminal offenses.

"This executive order sends an important message that my Administration will not tolerate construction activity in the Critical Area without the required permits," said County Executive Leopold. "Violations of the environmental laws will trigger immediate action by this Administration."

Any violation of the State and County laws that prohibit:

a) The introduction of soil or sediment into the waters or the state
b) The grading and other disturbance of land without an approved sediment control and
c) The development of land without an approved stormwater management plan

will be sent to the Attorney General of Maryland, who can prosecute these violations as criminal offenses.

By signing this order, County Executive Leopold makes certain that anyone who commits crimes against the environment, including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in Anne Arundel County, will not avoid justice. County Executive Leopold consulted with the office of the Attorney General before issuing his executive order.


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