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County Executive Leopold Announces Appointment of a Key Member to His Cabinet

Annapolis, MD (December 20, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced the appointment of Elizabeth (Betty) Dixon as the Director of Inspections and Permits.

"Betty Dixon is a consummate professional with a wealth of experience in land use issues," said County Executive Leopold. "She enjoys the respect of her co-workers and the citizens and community associations with whom she has worked for many years. Most importantly, she shares my vision for a well-managed and responsive Department of Inspections and Permits. She will set and meet specific efficiency goals and treat all applicants even-handedly without favoritism for any special interest."

County Executive Leopold stressed during his campaign the importance of reforming the Department of Inspections and Permits and appointing a department head who will stand up to developers and special interest groups.

Betty Dixon has been an employee of Anne Arundel County for 18 years and was the Land Use and Environment Coordinator for the past ten years. In this role she was responsible for coordinating the activities between the Departments of Public Works, Inspections and Permits and the Planning and Zoning Office.

Ms. Dixon has maintained a long standing working relationship with the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission and its Executive Staff and has worked closely with them on recent updates of the Anne Arundel County Code, as well as the last two Program Updates for the County’s Critical Area Program. She brings to the Department of Inspections and Permits a strong environmental background and an understanding of both the permitting and inspection process.

Ms. Dixon’s appointment will be effective January 2, 2007 at a salary of $120,000.


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