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Anne Arundel County Community Projects Receive More Than $94,000 in Grants

Annapolis, MD (June 5, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced three grant applications submitted by the County, have received approval under the Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement Initiative.

The grants are for two Community Policing requests in the areas of Brooklyn Heights ($46,000) and Pioneer City ($24,000), and a grant for Addiction Recovery in the Brooklyn Heights community ($23,410).

"The Anne Arundel County’s Community Policing program is critical in offering support to the Police Department, along with providing increased police presence in these communities," said County Executive Owens. "The Addiction Recovery program helps with a range of addictions and needs, and increases opportunity for recovery through education. The County appreciates the grants, knowing the money will benefit these crucial programs."

The Grant Award is a State grant, under the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.


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