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County Executive Janet S. Owens Expands Ties with China

Annapolis, MD (October 20, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced an agreement with the Vice Mayor of Changde (pronounced Chong-day) City, Hunan Province that includes opportunities for medical exchange programs between Changde City and Anne Arundel County.

A medical delegation of 10 arrived in Anne Arundel County on Wednesday, October 18th and departed Friday, October 20th. During their visit, the delegation, lead by Vice Mayor Zhang (pronounced Jung) and Vice Secretary-General

Image: Chinease Delegation
Chen discussed areas of common interests including opportunities to gain knowledge of emergency medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center and at the Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Another area of interest was to share curriculum with both the University of Maryland and Anne

Arundel Community College."I am delighted that we are taking tangible steps to further establish a medical relationship with Changde City," said County Executive Janet S. Owens. "This agreement will strengthen our ties and provide knowledge that will benefit both Changde City and this County."

The delegation showed great interest in continuing conversations with The Anne Arundel County Health Department regarding areas of public heath concern, shared by both Changde

Image: Chinease Delegation
City and Anne Arundel County. Areas highlighted were tobacco prevention, including lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases, as well as influenza and tuberculosis.

Both County Executive Owens and Vice Mayor Zhang agreed to trade medical personnel at hospitals in both Changde City and Anne Arundel County within the next three months.

Image: Chinease Delegation


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