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Anne Arundel County Ranks High in Business Survey

Annapolis, MD (April 5, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced recent statistics from a Survey of Business Owners released by the U.S. Census Bureau. In it, Anne Arundel County has 1,889 women-owned businesses with paid employees, ranking it 3rd in the State. The survey was part of the 2002 Economic Census released this year.

Survey results also indicated that there are nearly 11,000 women-owned businesses in the county, which are sole proprietor with no employees. All together, women-owned businesses in Anne Arundel County (12,790) generated nearly $1.5 billion in sales and receipts for 2002 and represent 31.3% of all businesses.

"Results of this survey confirm that Anne Arundel County has a robust business climate for all businesses, and is also a great place for women in business to succeed," said Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens. "I am so proud of our business community and the terrific growth we have experienced over the last five years."

2002 Survey results for African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian, and American Indian-owned business will be released later this year. Yet, according to Ray Langston, a member of the Minority Business Enterprise Committee, the County has awarded $27 million to minority business and contractors in 2005, a 60% increase over the past five-year period.

"Diversity and equal business opportunity have been key elements of the Owens Administration. In three years, the number of listings in the Directory of Minority & Women-Owned Businesses has increased from 575 in 2003 to over 1,000 in 2006," said Mr. Langston.

Other Anne Arundel County highlights from the survey include:

Total Anne Arundel County Firms

9,717 with paid employees; $27.8 billion in sales and receipts
31,174 sole proprietors; $1.36 billion in sales and receipts
40,891 total; $29.2 billion in sales and receipts
(Does not include the following sectors: construction, mining, utilities, transportation and warehousing, and management of companies and enterprises.)
Hispanic-Owned Firms (4th in MD for all firms)
852 firms; $279 million in sales and receipts
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Firms (3rd in MD with paid employees)

1,819 with paid employees; $2.2 billion in sales and receipts

Retail Trade Firms (3rd in MD with paid employees)
2,007 firms with paid employees; $6.4 billion in sales and receipts
Health Care and Social Assistance Firms (4th in MD with paid employees)
1,119 firms with paid employees; $1.5 billion in sales and receipts

"We are committed to helping our businesses thrive," said Aaron Greenfield, AAEDC president and CEO. "The services offered at AAEDC are designed to help our businesses succeed and are available to all Anne Arundel County residents free of charge. I encourage everyone - from the start up entrepreneur to our top CEOs - to take advantage of what we have to offer."

Note: Results of this survey cannot be compared with data from other sources

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