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Benfield Boulevard Utility Line Work Scheduled

Lane Closures Planned

Annapolis (July 14, 2006) - The Department of Public Works (DPW) has finalized construction plans for the relining of approximately 1,700 linear feet of the 21-inch sewer main on Benfield Boulevard. Deterioration in the main was discovered earlier this year during an inspection. The relining project will structurally restore the condition of the pipe, reducing the risk for infrastructure failure.

Contractors for DPW began preparing for the project this week and have planned the following work schedule and lane closures:

.Monday, July 17 - Excavation resumes at Windward Drive for cutting in of the main line valve and tee. Citizens can expect a lane closure at the intersection of Windward and Benfield Boulevard from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19 - Excavation resumes on Benfield Boulevard for cutting in of the main line valve and tee. Citizens can expect a lane shift from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the east bound lane of Benfield Boulevard and the closing of the center turn lane on Benfield Boulevard near the intersection with Windward.

Monday, July 17 - Bypass piping (12 diameter) will be delivered. Bypass piping will extend along Benfield Boulevard from Windward to Center Drive. Piping will be placed along the southern side of Benfield Boulveard and will impact side streets intersecting with Benfield Boulevard on this side of the road. Piping will also extend back into some portions of the adjoining neighborhoods to maintain clear sight lines at intersections.

Tuesday, July 18 thru Friday, July 21 - Bypass piping will be assembled.

Sunday, July 23 - Bypass pipe road crossings will be assembled and placed on the side streets. Citizens are advised to use reduced speeds and to exercise caution while driving over these units.

Sunday, July 23 thru Tuesday, July 25 - Relining of approximately 1700 linear feet will be completed. A temporary lane shift will be required on Benfield Boulevard at Windward. The relining will require construction vehicles to be set up in the east bound lane of Benfield Boulevard immediately west of the intersection with Windward. Vehicles will be in the roadway for approximately 48 hours (around the clock). The center turn lane on Benfield Boulevard at Windward will be closed and a lane shift will be posted to maintain both thru lanes of traffic along Benfield Boulevard. Left turns from Windward onto Benfield Boulevard maybe restricted. Additionally, traffic patterns may be altered in the vicinity of Center, Kenmore, Manor and Knollwood. Citizens should watch for and obey temporary traffic signs.

Evening of Tuesday, July 25 - Relining should be completed and all lanes of traffic restored to normal conditions on Benfield Boulevard, Windward, Manor, Knollwood and Center.

Wednesday, July 26 thru Wednesday August 2 - Temporary by pass lines will be flushed, broken down and removed from the neighborhoods.

During these times, citizens will see construction personnel and vehicles, as well as, temporary above ground bypass piping in and around their communities. Drivers and pedestrians are urged to use caution, avoid temporary bypass pipes and obey all construction signage and flagmen. No interruption to utility services is planned.

The Department of Public Works will closely monitor any impact these lane changes may have on traffic. For further information, the public may call the Department of Public Works, Customer Relations at (410) 222-7582.


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