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Anne Arundel County Chief Administrative Officer Named to Baltimore Mayor’s Advisory Council

Annapolis, MD (March 14, 2006) - The Chief Administrative Officer for Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens has been named to a prominent Baltimore Advisory Council on International Affairs.

Robert L. Walker is one of thirteen people chosen by Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley to help with the Mayor’s international relations initiatives.

" I am honored to be able to serve Mayor Martin O'Malley and be part of this distinguished group. The Advisory Committee will enhance Baltimore's and the region's international activities and serve to underscore the City's leading role in the State's international efforts," said Walker.

The Mayor signed an Executive Order creating the Advisory Council, which will strengthen Baltimore’s position in the international arena by providing oversight of Baltimore’s Sister Cities program; guiding the city’s international economic, business and trade development; developing international programs for Baltimore’s youth; increasing immigration to the City; promoting international tourism, and consulting the Mayor on international policy issues impacting Baltimore City.

"Bob has had extensive international experience and is a real diplomat. He will be a strong addition to the Mayor's Advisory Council," commented County Executive Janet S. Owens.

The Advisory Council will meet every two months and report to the Mayor.


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