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County Executive Owens Joins in Effort Calling on State Leaders to Act on BGE Hikes

Annapolis, MD (May 26, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens along with Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith and Howard County Executive James N. Robey called on the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker to fix the flawed process of the Public Service Commission.

"It is evident the Public Service Commission has not done its job to ensure that Maryland ratepayers receive the best deal possible," said County Executive Owens. "We believe that a reconstitution is necessary to make certain the interests of consumers are fully protected. An open process must be put in place in order to ensure public confidence is restored."

In a letter, the three County Executives recommended that Governor Robert Ehrlich Jr., Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch call a special session to reconstitute the makeup of the Public Service Commission.

The County Executives agree that dual requests by the PSC and BGE to allow the Pubic Service Commission to conduct further hearings concedes the complaints made with respect to the inadequacy of the prior Public Service Commission proceedings, which included conducting one hearing in a room resulting in interested parties being turned away, refusal to reconvene a further hearing, meeting in secret with only four Commissioners present, refusing to allow admission of relevant evidence, and refusing to allow cross examination of witnesses as provided in Public Utilities Article, Section 3-107.

"We call on the Governor and the Presiding Officers to take a leadership roll in solving this problem," said Ms. Owens. "We need to bring the responsible parties back together, and key leaders in the state must act on this immediately," she added.


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