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Automated Inspection Request System Launched

Department of Inspections and Permits Continues to Streamline Services

Annapolis (January 19, 2006) -The Anne Arundel County, Department of Inspections and Permits has launched an on-line inspection request system, further streamlining the variety of services offered by that Department.

The inspection request system, previously only available by telephone, has been used by permit holders to schedule required inspections during construction. Now complimented by the on-line system, permitees now have another option for requesting inspections for building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and utility permits.

The on-line system is convenient and is easily accessed from the Inspections & Permits website. From the Quick Links box, under the heading Request Permit Inspection, the user is prompted through the system using the permit number. Once a date has been selected and confirmed, the user should take note of the authorization number. The authorization number is important as it serves as a record of the request and is required if the inspection is cancelled by the permit holder.

The on-line system is designed to serve residents and builders alike, including requests for block permits (a sequential group of permits).

The telephone inspection request system remains in place for those who may not have access to a computer. Users should dial (410) 222-4432 or (301) 970-1948 in the Washington Metro area.


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