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Deadline for County Agricultural Easement Program Approaches

Annapolis (October 10, 2006) - The deadline for the next round of County Agricultural Preservation Easements will be November 1, 2006. Anne Arundel County will be accepting applications from property owners who wish to permanently preserve their property from development while continuing to use the land for agricultural purposes through the Program.

This will be the last round of applications for the term of this County Executive, Janet S. Owens, who has done more in the preservation of land than all other County Executives combined. Through her leadership, the County implemented the Installment Purchase Agreement (IPA) Program. With this program, landowners benefit from a steady stream of tax-free income over a 25-year period and deferral of capital gains. In turn, the IPA allows the County to preserve more acres of farmland during each application period since the payments are made over time. In addition to the IPA Program, the County will also accept applications for cash settlements.

Anyone interested in submitting an application, or receiving more information, may contact the Agricultural Preservation Coordinator, Ms. Barbara Polito at (410) 222-7502. Please be assured that applying for the Program in no way obligates a property owner to these preservation options.


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