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Class AABWF License

Description: Special Beer and Wine Festival, permits the sale of beer and wine at the Anne Arundel County Beer and wine Festival in accordance with Section 8-301 of Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The annual fee for such license shall be $2,500.00 and said license can only be issued to a holder of an existing State Retail Alcoholic Beverage License, State Class 3 Winery License, or State Class 4 Winery License issued pursuant to Article 2B. A special AABWF license shall only be accepted during the month of November of the preceding year for which the festival is to be held, and a hearing shall be held on the issuance of the license commencing in January of the year for which the festival is to be held. The Board shall have the authority to limit or condition the license in any manner deemed reasonable by the Board in furtherance of the provisions contained in Article 2B, section 8-301.
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