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Reports, Mapping, Useful Links and Forms

Planning and Zoning, Inspections and Permits, Department of Public Works
Critical Area Violation Report (Opens in a new window) NEW FORMAT!
  • Reported critical area violations with the status of the review of that violation
On-line Permit System (Opens in a new window)
  • Permits issued during a specified period and the status of permit applications, apply for Mechanical, Plumbing and Perc Test (Tank) Permits, apply for Inspections - Real-time updates.
  • Subdivisions approved for previous weeks - Updated weekly.
  • Maps and associated charts of activity within the North, South A and South B Development Review Areas
  • Major and Minor Subdivision and Site Plan applications for the current and previous months - Displays real time data.
  • Listing of all scheduled Developers' Progress Meetings - Updated weekly.
  • Listing of all meetings scheduled by the developer prior to subdivision plan submittal - Updated weekly.
  • Pending modification applications, decisions for the current and previous year -  Updated weekly.
  • Enables user to view engineering record drawings including plan and profile views; view and print survey monuments and markers location reports; and view topographic maps (2-ft contours), aerial photography, 1-inch = 40-feet utility operating maps, and water and sewer overlay maps
Maps, Publications and Services
Useful Links
Maryland State Archives -
  • Digital Image Reference System for Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats - User ID = plats, Password = plats#
  • System searches the Assessment records based on address, map/block/parcel, or Property Account Identifier


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