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Is a Building Permit Required?

This information should be used as a guide to determine whether a permit and plans are required for projects you wish to undertake. Permits (and sometimes plans) are required to ensure that your repairs, additions, or alterations are done according to the County Codes and other applicable codes and regulations. 
Homeowners may apply for permits for ordinary repairs or construction on their owner-occupied dwelling. Separate trade permits are required for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work and must be performed by tradesmen licensed in Anne Arundel County.
All development activities on waterfront properties that may not require a building permit including such items as at-grade patios, driveways, small retaining walls, sheds under 64 sq. ft. etc., must be reviewed for adherence to the State Critical Area Laws. Please complete a Standard Grading Plan Application form and Critical Area Worksheet. Development in the waterfront buffer may require a variance.
This information is intended as a guide only. For more detailed information, please contact the Permit Center at (410) 222-7700 or send an email to
Project Types
The projects covered are grouped into general categories:
These sections indicate what building permits and plans are required. The charts indicate the permits required if only the work listed is performed. Other permits may be required if additional work is done. A grading permit may also be required. Please contact the Permit Center if you are unsure if a permit is required.

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