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Building Permit Fee Schedule




Building Permit Fees
The fee for a building permit shall be based on the estimated value of work in accordance with the schedule below. In computing the estimated value, include the fair market value of all construction or work for which the permit is issued, including all painting, papering, roofing, electrical work, plumbing, permanent or fixed heating equipment, elevator equipment, fire sprinkler equipment and any other permanent portions or permanent equipment essential to the operation of the building as a building. Exclude equipment required for the manufacturing or other special occupant, land value and development cost. The minimum acceptable valuation for new buildings shall be based upon the BOCA Building Evaluation Data Report as provided by the Department and revised from time to time.
Estimated ValueFee
Above $25,000$140.00 plus .007 times estimated cost above $25,000
Add $25 non-refundable application fee to all building permits. 
Effective July 1, 2008
Other Building Permit Information




  • Fee for Certificate of Occupancy - $25.00
  • A permit under which no work is commenced within one (1) year after issuance shall expire
  • Plumbing, electrical, mechanical and gas permits secured for the purpose of providing services for the building permitted shall run for the life of the building permit
  • Refunds: There is no refund on issued permits - There is a 50% refund due if the permit application is denied or withdrawn prior to issuance (maximum retainage is $1,000.00 on building permits)
  • Reinspection: There will be a fee of forty-dollars ($40.00) for reinspection for each call for inspection which is not ready for inspection
  • Home Builder Guaranty Fund - Effective January 1, 2009, Home Builders must pay a $50 fee for each new home building permit. This fund is administered by State Division of Consumer Protection. A citizen building a new home on their land for their own use who submits a Landowner Affidavit is not required to pay this fee. For more information on the Home Builders Guaranty Fund, call the State Home Builder Registration Unit at (410) 576-6573, email




Electrical Permit Fees
A nonrefundable application fee of $25 will be added to all Electrical Permits
New Construction dwelling unit 
Single family detached, single family attached including 2-family unit:
200 amps or less$85
300 amps or less $120
400 amps or less$150
Over 400 amps$150
plus $40 per additional 100 amps or fraction of 100 amps 
Apartments and 5 family dwellings 
200 amps or less$68
300 amps or less$96
400 amps or less$120
Over 400 amps$120
plus $32 per additional 100 amps or fraction of 100 amps 
New commercial shell building/white box 
200 amps or less$125
300 amps or less$160
400 amps or less$190
Over 400 amps$190
plus $60 per additional 100 amps or fraction of 100 amps 
Residential additions, alterations, remodeling (does not include service change or subpanel)
Any number of electrical devices $55
Residential additions, alterations, remodeling including service change or subpanel
Any number of electrical devices up to 200 amps$85
Any number of electrical devices up to 300 amps$120
Any number of electrical devices up to 400 amps$150
Any number of electrical devices over 400 amps$150
plus $40 for each 100 amps or fraction over 100 amps 
Commercial and residential repair or replacement 
1 electrical device$15
more than 1 electrical device$25
Residential swimming pool             
Residential Swimming Pool$40
Commercial addition, alteration, tenant fit-up, finishing with service change
200 amps or less $125
300 amps or less$160
400 amps or less$190
Over 400 amps     $190
plus $60 per additional 100 amps or fraction of 100 amps 
Commercial addition, alteration, tenant fit-up, finishing with no service change
1 to10 electrical devices$20
11 to 40 electrical devices$40
41 to 75 electrical devices$60
over 75 electrical devices$60
plus $10 per additional 25 devices or fraction of 25 devices 
Other work 
Electrical appliance or motor, repair or replacement: 
1 electrical appliance or motor$15
More than 1 electrical appliance or motor$25
Fire alarm systems 
New fire alarm system$200 Flat Rate
Fire alarm system and other low voltage devices (any number)$40 Flat Rate
Radio and television receiving installation  $40
Signs $40
Swimming pool, residential$40
Temporary service or pole service  $40
Fees Effective June 2006 
Mechanical Permit Fees
A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 will be added to all mechanical permit fees
Residential Uses - Includes 1 and 2 family and multi-family Dwellings
Heating and Air Conditioning$70.00
Heating System$55.00
Air Conditioning$55.00
Ductwork Only$55.00
Replacement System$30.00
Fire Suppression System$30.00
Non-residential Installations - The permit fee for the installation, repair or replacement of all mechanical equipment requiring a permit under the subtitle shall be calculated from the following table based on the estimated cost of the work, including equipment, labor and materials.  The department may require verification of such costs.
$      0 - 2,000$30.00
$2,001 - 5,000$40.00
$5,000 - 7,000$50.00
$7,001 - $9,000$65.00
$9,001 - $11,000$75.00
Over $11,000, the fee is $75.00 plus .0055 times the amount in excess of $11,000
Effective March 29, 2005 
Plumbing Permits
New construction for all fixtures and appurtenances 
New detached single family dwelling units only$100.00
New townhouses and two family dwellings only $75.00
New multi-family units only$50.00
Installation or reconstructions/repairs 
Additional septic tank installation$350.00
Addition to drain field or drywell installation$475.00
Pump pit installation or repair  $225.00
Septic piping installation or repair $225.00
Holding tank installation$225.00
Nitrogen-reducing non-conventional sewage disposal system installation$750.00
Advanced pretreatment unit installation$600.00
Septic distribution box repair $225.00
Installation of a combination of sewage disposal system components, including septic tank, drainfield, dry well, distribution box, sump pit, mound system, or pressure-dosed bed
Commercial onsite sewage disposal systems with a flow rate in excess of 2,000 gallons/day:
For installation$1500.00
For each additional 2,000 gallons/day of flow$1500.00
For installation or reconstruction of a commercial grease trap only$1000.00
Reconstruction or addition to any existing residential plumbing and all commercial plumbing work:
First plumbing fixture$30.00
Each additional plumbing fixture$5.00
Commercial shell building groundwork - flat fee$30.00
On-site water inspection fee
minimum $95.00
$15.00 per unit or tenant space,
On-site sewer inspection fee
minimum $95.00
$15.00 per unit or tenant space,
On-site water & sewer inspection feeminimum $190.00
Residential plumbing permit 
One ground, one rough-in one gas and one final inspectionincluded
Each additional inspection, per inspection$40.00
Effective: July 1, 2008  
Health Department
Health Department Plan Review Fees
Food Service Establishments 
High/Medium Priority Facilities/Structural$750
High/Medium Priority Facilities-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point$750
Low Priority Facilties-Structural$500
Swimming Pools Effective 7/1/2008 
Public or Semi-Public Pool$500
Public or Semi-Public Pool w/ Spa$750
Updated October 1, 2008 
Grading Permits
Estimated Grading and Erosion Control CostsFee
One Lot (Residential only): 
Under 20,000 square feet$400.00
Over 20,000 square feet$650.00
0 to $500.00$40.00
$501.00 to and including $1,250.00$80.00
Over $1,250.00$80.00 plus 4% of the estimated cost above $1,250.00
Updated July 1, 2005 
Utility Fees Effective July 1, 2015
Water Capital Connection (Per EDU)$8700.00
Water Capital Deferral Fee (per EDU)$696.00
User Connection (Existing)$2100.00
User Connection (To be Installed)$2650.00 *
Wastewater Capital Connection (Per EDU)$8700.00
Wastewater Capital Deferral Fee (per EDU)$696.00
User Connection (Existing)$3400.00
User Connection (To be Installed)$4270.00 *
Water/Wastewater Inspection Fee$30.00 each
Non Refundable Application Fee$25.00
 This is the minimum fee. Please click here for more information on User Connection Fees.

>> Water and Sewer Connection Fee Calculator (EDU Calculation)

Impact Fees Effective July 1, 2015


Development TypeRoadsSchoolsPublic SafetyTotal
Residential (By Square Foot)    
Under 500 Feet$1,552$2,346$105$4,003
   500 - 999 Feet$2,545$4,317$170$7,032
1,000 - 1,499 Feet$3,305$5,919$222$9,446
1,500- 1,999 Feet$3,835$6,973$256$11,064
2,000 - 2,499 Feet$4,232$7,761$282$12,275
2,500 - 2,999 Feet$4,539$8,391$303$13,233
3,000 - 3,499 Feet$4,773$8,914$319$14,006
3,500 - 3,999 Feet$4,992$9,363$334$14,689
4,000 - 4,499 Feet$5,191$9,756$348$15,295
4,500 - 4,999 Feet$5,368$10,104$359$15,831
5,000 - 5,499 Feet$5,521$10,418$369$16,308
5,500 - 5,999 Feet$5,649$10,703$378$16,730
6,000 Feet and Over$5,716$10,836$382$16,934
Amusement, recreation, and place of assembly per required parking space$1,092$0$43$1,135
Hotel/motel room$5,258$0$134$5,392
Industrial per 1,000 Sq Ft$4,536$0$168$4,704
Mini-warehouse per 1000 Sq Ft$747$0$37$784
For profit hospital per bed$5,918$0$177$6,095
For profit nursing home per bed$1,316$0$144$1,460
Marinas per berth$1,491$0$53$1,544
Office per 1,000 sq. ft.    
    Under 100,000 sq. ft.$7,335$0$401$7,736
    100,000 - 199,999 sq. ft.$6,353$0$357$6,710
    200,000 sq. ft. and over$5,657$0$328$5,985
Mercantile per 1,000 sq. ft.$7,642$0$1,019$8,661
Effective July 1, 2015
Gas Permit Fees
Gas permit fees for gas fuel-burning equipment shall be charged according to pipe size as followed:
2 1/2" diameter or less$40.00
3" diameter$45.00
4" diameter$65.00
6" diameter$100.00
8" diameter$200.00
10" diameter$300.00
12" diameter$425.00
* Plus $25.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee

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