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On-line Permits - Instructions

Trade Permits Online
  1. From the PAC HomePage, select the “Internet Menu” button. From the Permit Internet Menu, select the  PERMIT APPLICATION button.
  2. Customers with a valid mechanical and/or plumbing license have received a letter with their login id and initial password. During the initial site visit, enter this information and select LOGIN. New password, e-mail address, and mother’s maiden name must be entered to continue. When this is complete, select the  UPDATE INFORMATION button.
  3. When the "Permit Internet User Options" page is displayed, select ENTER PERMIT APPLICATION.
  4. When the "Permit Internet Application Construction Codes" page is displayed, read through the codes. Once you agree to follow the codes, select the AGREE button to move forward with the permit process.
  5. Next, the “Select Property page” is displayed. Enter permit information, including if the permit being applied for is for a commercial or a residential property. Continue entering data for the application.



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