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Commercial Plan Information

Commercial Plan Review
Telephone: (410) 222-7720
Fax: (410) 222-4488
Building plans for new buildings, additions and interior and/or exterior alterations involving structural elements must comply with the Building Codes adopted by Anne Arundel County.
Listed below are the minimum requirements for commercial site plan and construction plan packages. Additional comments may be generated upon plan review. Permit fees will be due at the time of application.
Design Loads
Ground Snow Load25 psf
Wind Speed 120 MPH Max. per T-1604.5/Risk Category
Frost Line30 Inches
TermiteModerate to Heavy
DecaySlight to Moderate 
Winter Design Temperature17 Degrees Fahrenheit
Flood HazardsYes


Mean Annual Temperture

55 Degrees Fahrenheit
Soil Bearing Capacity2000 psf


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Commercial Construction Plan
The Submittal must include the following:
  1. Six (6) sets of architectural plans, seven (7) sets if food handling, for the new building or addition.
  2. Elevation of proposed building facades and photographs of neighboring properties, abutting properties and structures.
  3. Plans must be signed/sealed on each sheet by architect or engineer registered in the State of Maryland.  Two sets must be wet sealed/sealed and the remaining sets can be photocopied.
  4. Show live and dead loads.
  5. Show type of construction per 2012 IBC, Section 602.
  6. Show use group classifications per 2012 IBC, Chapter 3:
    a: In the case of mixed use and occupancy, define which option is selected per 2012 IBC, Section 508.
    b: The heights and areas of all buildings and structures must comply with limitations required in 2012 IBC, Table 503.
  7. Provide U.L. or equivalent fire resistance design number for all fire-rated walls and floor / ceiling assemblies.
  8. Show all pertinent architectural details and structural elements including floor framing and roof truss plans.
  9. Provide electrical plans, including exit lights and emergency lighting.
  10. Provide plumbing plans, including water and sewer riser diagrams. If food handling, show grease trap located outside of building and capacity.
  11. Provide mechanical plans showing ductwork size and layout and fire dampers if ducts penetrate fire rated walls and assemblies.
  12. Door and window schedule.
  13. Calculations and measurement procedures contained in ASHRAE 90A shall be utilized to establish minimum requirements for exterior envelope construction of structures as required by 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.
  14. When more than one exit is required, remoteness of location must meet 2012 IBC, Section 1015.2.1.
  15. The maximum length of a dead-end corridor is 20 feet per 2012 IBC, Section 1018.4. Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Smoke Control and Mechanical Hood & Duct Systems require separate permits.

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Commercial Site Plans for new buildings must include:
  1. Fourteen (14) sets of site plans to engineers scale (1”=20’, 1”=30’ or 1”=40’).
  2. Show building location property lines, setbacks, abutting rights-of-way, parking layout, handicapped parking and ramps, entrances to site, curbs, water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, location of fire department connections, fire lanes, septic system layout (as applicable) and associated landscaping details.
  3. Show parking/loading space computations for proposed use and lot coverage calculations per zoning classification.
  4. Show vicinity sketch (to scale) or; scaled distance from property to nearest intersection(s) for zoning confirmation.
  5. Provide two (2) copies of record plat.
  6. Two (2) copies of retailed landscaping proposal/cost estimate required for any new proposed parking/loading space or building additions on residentially zoned property.
  7. All fire hydrants within 300 feet of the building.
  8. Fire Department connection shall be within 150 of the fire.

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Tenant Layout Plan Requirements
  • 6 sets of construction plans; 7 if food handling
  • 7 sets of site plans showing tenant location space
  • 4 sets of shop drawings of all fire protection systems
  • 1 copy of parking layout

Do you qualify for an EZ Tenant Permit

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Tenant Drawings Must Include:
  1. Tax account number on permit application.
  2. Original shell permit number and address of building.
  3. Use group and type of building construction.
  4. Incorporate appropriate trade name and type of business.
  5. A key plan indicating location of area when multiple spaces are involved (malls, shopping centers are good examples).
  6. Indicate what floor is involved - i.e. grade floor, 3rd floor, etc.
  7. Note overall dimensions of space involved, room sizes and specific use of each room
  8. Note UL design numbers when fire ratings are required.
  9. Dimensions of corridors and aisle widths.
  10. Show exitways, and exit signs and emergency lights as required.
  11. Incorporate door schedule (should indicate type of door, UL approved closers and hardware, etc.)
  12. Note materials used.
  13. Note flame spread rating of interior finish (corridors, stairways, lobbies and rooms).
  14. When required, show cross-section of area with dimensions from floor to bottom of lowest structural member and to ceiling.
  15. Provide any other cross-sections necessary to accurately depict construction details.
  16. State whether or not building has a sprinkler system and indicate area sprinklered.
  17. State whether or not building has a fire alarm system.
  1. Submit detailed drawings and riser diagrams.
  2. Show all fire dampers and location and type of smoke and fire detection.
  3. Outside air required.
  4. All air volumes.
  5. Make, model and capacities of equipment for HVAC.
  6. Ceiling design number.
  7. Location of equipment and on what and how secured (new equipment only).
  1. Existing plumbing facilities.
  2. New plumbing facilities.
  3. New plumbing floor plan and riser diagram.
  4. All connections of new plumbing to existing plumbing.
  5. Plumbing fixture connection schedule.
  6. Site plan when necessary.
  7. Details of handicapped facilities and interceptors.
  8. Storm riser drawing with pipe size and drain detail.
  9. Drinking fountains.
  1. Existing or new electrical riser diagram.
  2. Panel schedules and location of panels.
  3. Service entrance grounding conductor, size and location and method of grounding.
  4. Locations of every proposed outlet, including switches.
  5. Location, voltage, horsepower, kilowatt, or current rating of every motor, generator and transformer.
Fire Marshal
  1. Specifications for carpets and other floor coverings.
  2. Alterations or additions to any fixed fire protection equipment, i.e. sprinklers, smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc.
  3. Fixture details, i.e. shelving, racks, ceiling beams, etc., which may interfere with fixed fire protection systems.
  4. Specific information concerning operation or type of business operation conducted.
  5. List of all hazardous chemicals, liquids and other materials which will be used, handled or stored.
  6. Total quantity of each hazardous chemical, liquid, or other material to be used, handled or stored.
Submit a minimum of four (4) sets of detailed shop drawings for all fire protection system and equipment including specifications, model numbers, etc.
All of the above plans shall be self-explanatory without the necessity of reference to plans not a part of the above package.

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