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Additional Permit Information

Trade Permits - Trade permits are required for all electrical, plumbing, septic or mechanical work incidental to the construction of a single-family dwelling or other structure. These permits must be applied for after issuance of the building permit by the licensed tradesman who will be performing the work, i.e., the electrical permit must be applied for and issued to the Anne Arundel County licensed Master Electrician who will be responsible for the installation of all electrical service. This will also be applicable to all plumbing, septic and mechanical work for which trade permits must be issued to a licensed tradesman from those respective fields.
All trade permits shall be valid for the life of the issued building permit. As with other permits, fees are due at the time of application.
Certificate of Occupancy - A Certificate of Occupancy is required to be issued by the building official before any building may be occupied. No certificate of occupancy will be issued until all building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspections have been made and approved. If the use of the building changes, a new Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained. If a structure is occupied prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, an additional fee of $500 will be paid by the permittee or the person permitting occupancy.
Permit Expirations - A Building Permit will remain active until the structure is completed and received a final inspection. A permit under which no work is commenced and inspected within one (1) year after issuance shall expire. A permit under which work has begun and stopped for any reason shall become null and void one (1) year after the work has stopped. Work will be considered stopped when the builder fails to perform the work so as to ensure completion within a reasonable period of time considering the type of construction involved. For the purpose of this permit, “commenced” means the permanent placement of the first permanent element of construction (usually footings) for which the building permit was issued.
Inspection Fee - Whenever any work for which a permit or application for inspection is required under the building code has been commenced without authorization of such permit or application for inspection, a special investigation shall be made before a permit or application for inspection may be issued for such work. In addition to the regular permit fee, an investigation fee of $40 shall be collected. The payment of the investigation fee shall not exempt any person from compliance with the provisions of the building code, nor from any penalty prescribed by law.

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