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Inspections and Permits 


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Inspection & Permits Checklist, Forms and Instructions

Roads Checklist (PDF Icon: PDF or  Excel)
Storm Drain Checklist PDF Icon: PDF or Excel )
Stormwater Management Checklist
Residential Permit Building Guides
Site Development Plan Checklists - Permits
Subdivision Submittals Checklists
Building Permits
Trade Permits
Grading Permits
Contractors List for Grading and Site Improvement Icon: PDF (8.5 x 14)  (Page 1 and optional Page 2)
Critical Area Worksheet Icon: PDF to accompany site plan  (8" x 14")
Standard Grading Plan Icon: PDF (where grading permit not required) 
Standard Grading Plan Procedures Icon: PDF (Not associated with a building permit)
Logging Permit  (you will be directed to an external website)
Forestry Forms and Fact Sheets
Carnival, Circus and Parade
Mobile Homes
Other Licenses
Subdivision Forms
Zoning Enforcement
Code Compliance
Freedom of Information Requests


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