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Submittal Documents

Building Permits
Building Permit Application Icon: PDF (8 1/2" x 11")
Critical Area Worksheet Icon: PDF to accompany site plan  (8" x 14")
Standard Grading Plan Icon: PDF (where grading permit not required) 
Grading Permits
Storm Drain Checklist (PDF Icon: PDF or Excel )
Roads Checklist (PDF Icon: PDF or  Excel)
Logging Permit  (you will be directed to an external website)
Standard Grading Plan Procedures Icon: PDF (Not associated with a building permit)
Trade Permits
Licensing - Amusement
Licensing - Carnival, Circus and Parade
Licensing - Mobile  Homes
Licensing - Trade 
Licensing - Other
Storm Drain Checklist PDF Icon: PDF or Excel )
Zoning Enforcement
Code Compliance
Freedom of Information Requests

Social Networking Icons (Fb, Twitter, RSS, Pinterest, Email List)

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