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Code Compliance Division

The Code Compliance Division investigates non-permitted complaints involving unauthorized development and construction activities both within and outside the County’s Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. The County’s Zero “Tolerance Policy” mandate Code Compliance Inspectors to investigate reported violations and pursue civil charges to the fullest extent of the law. Excessive, non-permitted violations are referred to the County’s Office of Law for criminal charges. 
Uniform Civil Citations will be issued to each property owner, contractor and other identified responsible persons and/or business entities in accordance with applicable provisions of the Anne Arundel County Code. Additionally, orders for abatement of underlying violations will be issued and pursued as necessary through appropriate legal proceedings in concert with the Anne Arundel County Office of Law. All cited parties have the right of due process and/or appeals. 
Civil Fines for Violations page
To report a suspected violation call (410) 222-7780 or complete a Request for Investigation Form Icon: PDF
Critical Area Activities - Did you know?
Anne Arundel County’s Forestry Program is housed within the Code Compliance Division. The Forestry Program administers the reforestation and afforestation requirements of the Critical Area Program, and the Maryland Forest Conservation Act. A primary component of this program is the coordination of voluntary reforestation projects with landowners and community associations.



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