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Which area of Anne Arundel County do you prefer
I would like to volunteer for:
Interviewing our homeless neighbors at 4 am on the following date (check all that apply)
Volunteer all three days (Nov 18 -20) 3:30 AM – 7 AM
Volunteer Monday November 18 3:30 AM – 7 AM
Volunteer Tuesday November 19 3:30 AM – 7 AM
Volunteer Wednesday November 20 3:30 AM – 7 AM
*Training will be on November 12th at 7 PM at Bay Ridge Christian Church 1071 Bay Ridge Rd Annapolis, 21401. If you cannot attend this training please select box so we can engage you via e-mail or conference call:
Being part of the logistics team that organizes the registry and serves coffee and food to the assessment teams. Set-up is at 3:30am on Nov. 18th, 19th and 20th
Attending and supporting the Community Debrief on Nov. 22nd at 10 am at the Pip Moyer Center in Annapolis




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