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Commission Member Names 
Voting Members 
Jacqueline Boone Allsup
President, NAACP Anne Arundel Branch
Bishop Craig N. Coates
Fresh Start Church, Inc.

Joann Davis, Chair
AAC World AIDS Day Committee
Claudia Gray, M.S, R.N., Chief Center for HIV Prevention Infectious Disease and Environmental Health 
Carolyn Massey, Director
New Samaritan Baptist Church, HIV/AIDS Ministry
Beth Mays, Coordinator of Health Services
Anne Arundel County Communtiy College
Pastor Sheryl Menendez
Executive Director, Restoration Community Development



Jennifer Schneider, RN, BSN Co-Chair
Program Manager, HIV/STD Prevention and Care
(410) 222-4113
Ex-Officio Members 
Jinlene Chan, MD, MPH
Acting Health Officer
(410) 222-7375
Rebecca Asher, Acting Director
Bureau of Disease Prevention and Management
(410) 222-4499
Patricia Cassatt, Chief Executive Officer
Peoples Community Health Cetner, Inc.
Maureen Grizio, Health Education Resource Teacher
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Terry Kokolis, Superintendent
Anne Arundel County Detention Facilities
Frank Pecukonis, Jr. PhD.
Anne Arundel Mental Health Agency, Inc.
Councilman Peter Smith
Anne Arundel County Council
Captain David D. Waltemeyer
Anne Arundel County Police Department






























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