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NFA Training Opportunity

Applications for the National Fire Academy’s FY13 second semester (April 2013–September 2013) are now being accepted. Personnel interested in attending a class may apply for the class in accordance with the Training & Research Section (Student
Applications for the National Fire Academy / Emergency Management Institute) of the
Department’s Rules and Regulations. Personnel can view the course schedule by
visiting the NFA’s website; “On-Campus Course Schedule, Second Semester (2012-
Applicants should utilize the PDF application provided by the National Fire Academy. The application can be found on the NFA Website under;
Future Students; How to Apply; FEMA Form 119-25-1, General Admissions
Application (formerly FEMA Form 75-5)
Students: Please Read
Students applying for training courses are required to register for a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). This number is used in place of a Social Security Number on General Admissions Application forms.
All completed applications should be returned to Captain James King at the
Department’s Training & Research Division no later than December 7, 2012. Any
questions are to be directed to Captain King at extension 8362.



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