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Fire Department - Fire Department Training 


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Staff Responsibilities and Phone Listings

Captain James Craze (Captain of EMS Training)
(410) 222-8342
Responsibilities: Coordinate and supervise the EMS Training Activities of the ALS, BLS, College programs, and CPR sections, MFRI for ALS and simulation training, MIEMSS ALS Grant reimbursement program, assure Maryland COMAR Title 30 and National Registry compliance.
Lt. Kathleen Grote (College Coordinator)
(410) 222-8335
Responsibilities:  College Program Management, National Registry Testing, Maryland Protocol Review and Testing, Ride Along Scheduling, American Heart Association ("AHA") training center coordinator.
Lieutenant Kristen Schaetzly (ALS Training Coordinator)
(410) 222-8343
Responsibilities:  Career EMT-I and EMT-P re-certification coordinator, ALS orientation program, TEMS coordinator
Firefighter III Joseph M. Huber (BLS Education Coordinator)
Responsibilities: MFRI EMT-Basic, Career EMT-Basic initial and re-certification coordinator, MIEMSS Operational Program Affiliation Authorization/verification.
Firefighter/EMTP Jamie Apgar
Responsibilities: CPR initial and re-certification coordinator, CPR Instructor initial and re-certification, American Heart Association recordkeeping and compliance, Citizen CPR program, National Registry 48-hour review and tutoring.

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