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Fire Department - Fire Department Training - Class Lists - January 2013-June 2013 


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Code: ESDR-3 SAT/SUN 0900
Course Title: EMT Re-Cert

Start Date: 4/20/2013

Class Instructor: TBA

The following personnel have been accepted into the ESDR-3 classThe class start will be held at the Training Academy in Millersville.


Confirmed Registrations:


01. Balzano, Max                          Co40    


02. Orndorff, Marty                        Co06


03. Orbdorff, Ruth                          Co06


04. Gies, Kathleen                         Co06


05. McDonald, Dennis                    Co06


06. Vice, Robert                             Co40


07. Beall, Douglas                          Co40


08. Hardesty, Ray                           Co01


09. Koch, C arse                             Co33


10. Organek, Nicole                         Co28


11. Cornelius, John                          Co28


12. Conrad, Rose                            Co06


13. Dixon, Ryan                              Co19


14. Dole, Heather                            Co19




16. Weigman, Erika                         Baltimore


17. Esposito, David                          Co12


18. Odenhall III, Clifton                      Co34


19. Klump, Ellwood                          Co33


20. Evans, Stephanie                        Co34


21. Montgomery, Brian                      Co29


22. Roberts, John                              QA


23. Filer, Jeffrey                                 Co33


24. Brandon, Robert                           Co28



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