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Health/Safety Links

The purpose of the Injury Review Board is to review the causes of injuries, exposures and illnesses in order to recommend actions that may reduce the risk of a recurrence. It is chaired by a representative from the Health and Safety Division and is comprised of the following divisions:
AACo. Volunteer Fire Association -
Local 1563 Union -
Center for Disease Control -
Consumer Product Safety Com. -
Fire Scene Safety -
Firefighter Close Calls -
IAFF (Stay Safe) -
MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene -
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation -
National Safety Council Maryland -
National Safety Council -
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health -
National Institute of Standards and Technology -
National Fire Protection Association -
National Volunteer Fire Council -
Occupational Safety and Health Administration -
PPE Tracker -
Responder Safety.Com -
Safety Officers Association -
U.S. Fire Administration




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