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Safety Division

The mission of the Health and Safety Division is to control and eliminate recognized workplace hazards, attain an acceptable level of risk and promote the wellness of workers. This is accomplished with a continuous proactive process of anticipating, identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating risk-reduction strategies.
It is the policy of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department to operate with the highest possible levels of safety as well as provide an occupational safety and health program that seeks to comply with NFPA 1500. 
The prevention and reduction of accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses are goals of the Department and shall be primary considerations at all times. In accordance with NFPA 1500, the Chief of the Department has designated a departmental Health and Safety Officer who works to maintain safe and healthful working conditions, establish operating practices and procedures designed to prevent injury, illnesses, and comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws, as well as, all applicable consensus standards. Management and all employee groups are involved in planning, developing and implementing safety and health protection. This concern for safety and health applies to all members of the department and to any other persons who may be involved in Fire Department activities. 
It is the paramount responsibility of every member of the department to be constantly aware of the dangers of the job. Consequently, it is a paramount responsibility of every member of the department to be fully aware of, and follow, safe working practices, obey operational procedures and work in a way that maintains the high safety and health standards developed and sanctioned by the organization. It follows, therefore that each member has the specific duty to assume these responsibilities for the personnel under their command. In other words, each individual is responsible for his/her own safety and well being, and each supervisor is responsible for not only his/her own safety and well being, but for the safety and well being of those under his/her command. Such responsibility and accountability applies under all working conditions. 
Safety is no accident. It is the conscious mind set of humans in the work place created by the establishment of regulations and policies based upon general accepted industry practices. These policies take into considerations such practices and are designed to provide the highest practical degrees of personal safety. All personnel shall reflect an interest in safety and health objectives and are required to set a good example by always observing the rules as part of the normal routine. Interest must be vocal, visible and continuous at every employee and management level within the department. All personnel are expected to make this safety and health program an integral part of their daily operations. Then, the prevention and reduction of accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses will become not just an objective, but a way of life.



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