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Anne Arundel Co. Fire Department Public Education Office

Please direct requests or questions to
Phone: (410) 222-8303
S.A.F.E. (Safety and Fire Education)
Firefighters serve as partners in education through this outreach to school age children. The program is designed to give an accurate and consistent fire safety and injury prevention message to students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Each school year our personnel deliver a grade level curriculum to over 20,000 students.
Fall and Fire Prevention for Seniors
Implemented in January of 2004, this program includes a forty-minute presentation with a question and answer opportunity. Printed safety information is provided. It has been presented in county senior centers and at Heritage Harbor, and to Catholic Charities, AARP and other groups. The Department has partnered with the Department of Aging to create a health “self-check.”
Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program
Do you know a child who displays an interest in fire or fire setting? This program includes parent and child interviews, education, and referral for help as necessary. It is presented in two sessions, lasting a total of five hours. The program networks with Juvenile Justice, the Board of Education, the County Fire Marshal, the Mental Health Division of Social Services and concerned parents.
Rescue Stickers
The State recognized Symbol for Occupants Needing Evacuation Assistance is provided to individuals unable to evacuate a structure without assistance after a comprehensive review of their needs. The location of the stickers is registered in the 911 CAD system and is used to direct firefighters in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation. The stickers can be removed and/or relocated at the request of the citizen.
Image: Fire Department Speaking to Class
Evacuation Planning for businesses, churches, nursing facilities and daycare providers
General guidance concerning safe and orderly evacuation in the event of an emergency is provided. Although the Department does not monitor compliance to the plan or perform fire drills, follow-up visits can be scheduled to review the results of a drill or to assist in plan adjustments.
Smoke Alarm Outreach
If citizens need assistance to purchase a smoke alarm, or are not sure how to install one that you purchase the Fire Department can assist. Call (410) 222-8303 for assistance. Smoke alarms are provided to those who qualify and will be installed by Fire Department personnel. A waiver of liability and release will need to be signed. When available, State and Federal grants are used to provide alarms for the hearing impaired.
General Programs
  • Fire Extinguisher Use - classroom only
  • Fire Safety Presentations
  • Educational Supplies - brochures when available
Public Expo
A Fire Department Expo is held annually, usually in late September or early October. This Community Relations Celebration is designed to promote fire safety and injury prevention.
To request a speaker or program, please provide all requested information on the form below. If you would like to request a firefighter visit your school, please fill out the Request a Firefighter Visit (SAFE Program)  form. All programs are provided based on available resources.
Fire Department Speaker Request
Past groups served: Senior Centers, AARP, Senior Condominiums, Business Offices, Mom's Groups, Public and Private Schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, Community Associations



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Anne Arundel County, Maryland. 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 | Tele: (410) 222-7000