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Safety and Fire Education (S.A.F.E. Program)

Office of Fire Safety and Injury Prevention Education Anne Arundel County Fire Department Request Form for Elementary School.
If you would rather contact us by phone, fax or email please use the following contact information:
MS 4286 Fire Department Public Education
Fax (410) 987-2904
Voice Mail (410) 222-8303
Email Address:
Class Descriptions by Grade
Firefighters from the local fire station can be scheduled throughout the school year to visit kindergarten classes. The objective of this fifteen-minute "Friendly Firefighter" presentation is to re-enforce the importance of viewing the firefighter as a "friendly community helper" even though their protective gear may make them appear unfriendly. Please note that the firefighters are available for emergency calls at all times and may need to leave during the presentation.
First Grade:
Firefighters from the Public Education Office can be scheduled to give a 30-minute presentation outlining a day in the life of a firefighter, concluding with fire safety information. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about firefighter duties and how they can help protect their family.
Second Grade:
Firefighters from the Public Education Office can schedule a visit from September 15 to November 5, or April 1 to May 31 of each school year. This visit will provide students with a thirty-minute tour of the "Fire Safety House". This mobile classroom features child-sized rooms and safely presented real-life hazards, including non-toxic smoke. Most of the classroom objectives included in the "Fire Safety Support" kit provided to elementary schools will be re-enforced by this visit.
Third Grade:
A firefighter from the Public Education Office can be scheduled throughout the school year to give a twenty-five minute classroom presentation of "Hazard House". This portable simulator resembles a large doll house with many visual aids that assist students in identifying hazards in the home. This visit will reinforce fire safety practices that prepare students to live safely in their communities.
Fourth or Fifth Grade:
This one-hour assembly program for fourth and fifth grade classes highlights fire safety skills and juvenile fire setting consequences. Individual classroom presentations for Career Day are available as well.
When filling out the request form below for this presentation please specify if you are interested in the one-hour assembly or the individual classroom presentations.
Fire Department S.A.F.E Program
Please request two dates and times to allow for scheduling flexability.
Thank you for your support of the "Safety and Fire Education" (S.A.F.E) Program



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