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Fire Department Public Information Office

Public Information Office - (410) 222-8305
Media Hotline (24hr) (410) 222-8PIO (8746)
The Anne Arundel County Fire Department is committed to the safety of all citizens living in, and traveling through, our County. A major component of providing for that safety is a well-informed public.  The mission of the Public Information Division is to provide our customers - residents, visitors and the media - with information relative to operational issues involving the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. This service is performed in an easy to understand, timely and accurate manner. 
An integral component on information management is assessing community risk. At risk segments of the community will be provided educational programs with the intention of preventing future injuries/deaths. Building a cooperative relationship with our community groups by seeking opportunities to educate will enhance and foster community relations.
The release of information or delivery of public education will be balanced with the need to maintain operational security, governmental interest, as well as the privacy rights of individuals and organizations.
The Public Information Office is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. A duty Public Information Officer is available 24 hours a day via the media hotline for urgent matters relating to operational incidents.
Interested people can view press releases, past and present, by clicking on the links below or can register to receive releases and briefs through e-mail.
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