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Image: Investigations

Fire Investigations

The mission of the Fire Marshal’s Office Fire Investigation Bureau is to:
(if you have any information regarding fires or explosive incidents, please call above tip #)

A. Investigate undetermined, suspicious or incendiary fires and conduct post blast investigations

B. Investigate or be notified of all sudden deaths or injuries which occur as a result of fire

C. Enforce all County and State laws that pertains to fire investigation and arson

D. Keep up-to-date records of fire causes investigated by the Investigation Section

E. Keep a current file on known arsonists in the area

F. Coordinate all cases with the State’s Attorney’s Office

G. Prepare and train Police and Firefighters in new developments in arson and fire investigation

H. Conduct internal and background investigations

I. Act as a liaison with other agencies when requested on possible explosive devices

J. Respond to reports of suspicious packages and secure items




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