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Multiple Dwelling License Inspections

As part of licensing procedures, the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspection and Permits requires that the Fire Marshal Division verify that your facility is in compliance with applicable fire codes. Inspections by the Fire Marshal Division are conducted to verify compliance with applicable provisions of the Anne Arundel County and Maryland State Fire Prevention Code. 
While not all inclusive, the following information may assist you in preparing for your fire safety inspection.
Fire and Life Safety Features
1. Fire Protection Systems: All fire protection systems are required to be maintained, inspected, and tested in accordance with appropriate codes and standards.
A. Fire Alarm System: Fire Alarm systems, if provided, are required to be maintained and tested in accordance with the National Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72. This may involve monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual testing. The owner or his representative is responsible for this maintenance and testing. Service personnel shall be qualified and experienced in the testing, inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Provide documentation of same with a specific statement from the inspecting person or company that the fire alarm system was inspected and tested in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 72, 2010 edition, with the date of the inspection.
B. Smoke Alarms: Written certification must be provided stating specifically that they are in place, have been tested and are operational in all apartment units. At a minimum, smoke alarms are required to be placed outside of each sleeping area and be audible within the sleeping area. They must be operational in the battery and electric mode. Service personnel shall be qualified and experienced in the testing, inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems and components.
C. Sprinkler Systems: Sprinkler systems, if provided, are required to be maintained, periodically inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 25, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water based fire protection systems, 2010 edition. This standard requires testing and or inspection on a weekly, monthly or annual basis as applicable by personnel who are competent through training and experience. Corrections or repairs shall be performed by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel as defined by NFPA 25, means a person having adequate knowledge of the installation, construction or operation of apparatus and the hazards involved. The owner is responsible for ensuring that proper maintenance of a fire protection system is performed. Records of inspections, tests and maintenance shall be retained by the owner. Provide a specific statement from the inspecting person/company that  the sprinkler system has been inspected and tested in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 25 and the date of inspection/test.
Except as provided in section (B) of this regulations, a person who lays out, installs, inspects, tests repairs, or modifies fire sprinkler system in any residential or commercial building in the State shall apply to, and obtain from, the State Fire Marshal, a Fire Sprinkler Contractor License, as provided in Regulation .04 of this Chapter. (B)  A license is not required for the following activities:
  1. Inspection and tests by insurance representatives acting in the performance of their assigned duties
  2. Inspections, tests, and repairs by a full-time maintenance employee of the property owner, knowledgeable about fire sprinkler systems, acting in the performance of the employee’s assigned duty for the property owner;
  3. Inspections, tests, plan review, and ensuring the maintenance of, and any emergency maintenance activity on, a fire sprinkler system, or restoration of an operating, or recently operating, fire sprinkler system to active service by an individual acting in the individual’s capacity as a member of a State, county, municipal, career, or volunteer fire department, or authority having jurisdiction
  4. Installation of a limited area fire sprinkler system or emergency temporary repairs performed by a licensed master plumber in accordance with COMAR 29.06.01
  5. Inspection, tests, preparation of design and specification documents, hydraulic calculations, layout, and plan review of fire sprinkler systems by a Maryland registered professional engineer knowledgeable about fire sprinkler systems
2. Exits: Check that all exits are unobstructed. No storage is permitted in corridors or  exit ways. Check exit signs for illumination.
3. Emergency lighting: Verify that any emergency lighting provided is in proper working order. 
4. Electrical Panels: Electrical panels must be readily accessible. All storage shall be kept a minimum of 30 inches away. No openings or exposed wires are permitted. Check for other electrical hazards such as open splices and improperly secured wiring.
5. Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers with a minimum rating or 2A: 10BC are required in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas include, furnace rooms (if used by multiple apartment units), common use storage rooms and laundries. Fire extinguishers require servicing and inspection on an annual basis. A tag must be placed on the extinguisher by a licensed fire extinguishing service company that indicates the month and year of service/inspection. 
6. Storage: All storage shall be kept 18 inches below sprinklers (if provided in your building). Check for accumulations of combustibles that are no longer necessary.
7. Stairs: Stairs, railings and guards must be in place and be structurally sound.
8. Address display: The address of the building must be clearly visible from the road or entrance to the parking area. The address numbers/letters must be in plain block style and be a minimum of 6 inches high and of a contrasting color to the background. The designation of each apartment unit shall be affixed to the exterior door of each unit in plain block numbers/letters at least 3 inches high.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Fire Marshal Division at (410) 222-7884, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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