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Prior to Moving Into a New Building Or Tenant Space/Changes in Use Or Occupancy

Building Permit Required: A building permit is required prior to occupancy if a new business plans to move into an existing building or tenant space and the occupancy will result in a change in the use or occupancy classification from the prior tenant, regardless if any construction work takes place. This is to ensure that the building has been designed and constructed for compliance with applicable building and fire codes for the new occupancy and approved for that use by the Fire and Building Official. After the building permit is obtained, the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector must inspect the building or space in accordance with the permit and issue approval for occupancy. Occupancy is not allowed without approval by the fire and building official. For questions, contact the Fire Marshal at (410) 222-7884.
It is suggested that prospective business owners or tenants consult with a design professional to evaluate a building or space for its intended use prior to purchase or lease and to also assist with the building permit application. Questions regarding application procedures for a building permit for a change of use or occupancy should be directed to the Department of Inspections and Permits, Permit Center. They can be reached at (410) 222-7720. Prior to initiating this process, the property must have the proper zoning for the use.



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