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Existing Buildings – Fire Safety Inspections

Existing Buildings – Fire Safety Inspections
All occupancies within Anne Arundel County are subject to fire safety inspections except for single-family homes, duplexes, town homes and the interior living units in apartment and condominium buildings. Cooperation between business/property owners, occupants and the fire service will help to make Anne Arundel County a fire-safe place to live and work.
Through inspections, we are able to uncover many types of potential hazards to life and property. Correction of these hazards impacts the lives and well being of many people including property and business owners, employees, customers and their families. It is with this in mind that we approach all inspection activities.
The purpose of our inspection program is to:
1. Ensure compliance with the Maryland State and Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code.
2. Educate the public in ways to improve fire and life safety.
3. Improve standards of building maintenance and other conditions that contribute to the start of fires or effect egress.
4. Maintain life safety in buildings.
5. Enforce the maintenance of fire protection equipment
6. Control special hazards due to processes and storage involving flammable and explosive materials.
7. Promote public relations between the Fire Department and the public
8. Permit fire personnel to familiarize themselves with buildings to enable them to fight fires more effectively and safely, and gain knowledge in ways to prevent fires.
The Fire Marshal Division is responsible for fire safety inspections in over 12,000 existing occupancies within Anne Arundel County. Inspections are scheduled on a rotating basis in accordance with a priority and frequency inspection policy where consideration is given to the type of occupancy, the potential for life or property loss, the hazards typically present in these types of occupancies and the last inspection date. Certain types of occupancies are inspected by Fire Marshal Division personnel while other occupancies are inspected by personnel assigned to fire stations.  Inspections by fire station personnel are assigned and coordinated by the Fire Marshal Division.
All personnel conducting inspections will be in uniform and carry identification and credentials. If you are unsure regarding the identity of an inspector, immediately contact the Fire Marshal Division at 410-222-7884 x 0, Monday –Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm or after normal business hours, 410-222-8271.
All fire code violations shall be corrected immediately; however, a timetable for reinspection may be established based upon the nature and severity of the violation. Certain fire code violations such as obstructed exits will require immediate corrective action and in extreme cases, closing of the occupancy until the violation is corrected.  Uncorrected violations in occupancy inspections conducted by fire station personnel are assigned to the Fire Marshal Division for follow up.
Continued violations of the code result in enforcement actions which are governed by Maryland Code/public safety/title 9 - fire protection and prevention, and Article 15, Title 5, Sections 101, 102(e), and Article 9 Title 2, Section 101 of the Anne Arundel County Code. Remedies for noncompliance under these provisions can include civil and criminal penalties depending upon the nature and severity of the violation. Civil fines range from $125 to $1,000 dollars. A person who violates any provision of the County Fire Prevention Code can also be found guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction, is subject to a fine not exceeding $1000.00 per day. Each day a violation continues constitutes a separate offense for both civil and criminal conviction.
A Fire and Life Safety Features Checklist and a copy of our Fire Safety Inspection Notice are attached to assist you in preparing for your inspection. These documents provide an overview of items that should be addressed prior to the inspection of the facility. The Fire Safety Inspection Notice will be issued to you at the conclusion of the inspection. It is suggested that you use the Fire Safety Inspection Notice to conduct your own fire inspection prior to our arrival and attempt to correct any known deficiencies. The form can also be used throughout the year to maintain fire and life safety at your facility on a continuing basis. Additional questions may be directed to the Fire Marshal Division at (410) 222- 7884.



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