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Adoption - Home Inspections

As part of a child adoption process, the Fire Department is requested to verify that the home is in compliance with any applicable fire prevention codes and regulations. A home fire safety inspection is therefore normally part of this process.
In most instances, Fire Department approval is only contingent on the presence of smoke detectors, house numbers and a properly maintained sprinkler system, if present. The loss of life and property in the single-family dwelling has long been a major concern for our department. We therefore welcome the opportunity to make recommendations to improve life and fire safety in homes. The intent of these recommendations is to provide the homeowner with guidance to minimize loss of life and property, and also serves as guidance for the applicable approving agency as to whether the applicant can provide a safe environment for a child. 
Requests for Inspections
Requests for an inspection of a home as part of an adoption process, should be made in writing to:
Anne Arundel County
Fire Marshal Division
Heritage Office Park
2660 Riva Road, Suite 290
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
ATTN: Adoptive Inspection Coordinator
The request must be from the government or private agency handling the placement of the child, not from the prospective home. Inspection requests received directly from a prospective adopting family will not be accepted. If from a private agency, it must be on the agency’s letterhead with their Maryland State license number listed. Names and address of the adoptive parent(s) and their home and work numbers must also be listed. 
Once the request is received in this office, it will be processed and you will be contacted by the Fire Marshal to schedule a visit for an inspection of your home.
Questions pertaining to an upcoming inspection or requirements should be directed to the Fire Marshal Division at (410) 222-7884.

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