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Installation/Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems


Installations of Sprinklers
Sprinkler systems must be installed in accordance with approved plans and applicable NFPA Codes and Standards as adopted and or modified by the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and the Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code and manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • A permit is required from the Permit Center prior to the installation or alteration of a sprinkler system or sprinklers
  • No inspections will take place on a sprinkler system unless all piping is exposed. Using ladders to look up over ceiling tiles is not acceptable unless prior approval is obtained from the Fire Marshal.
  • Approved plans must be on site for the inspection
  • Piping shall not be painted until the system is inspected and approved by the Fire Marshal
  • Contractor's Material and Test Certificate for above ground piping required
  • Hydrostatic test required for greater than twenty (20) sprinklers installed 
  • Listed gauges must be used for the hydrostatic test
  • Visual inspection required for any number of sprinklers installed
  • The installation must match approved plans to include manufacturer/model/temperature of sprinkler, and  piping size, type and plan layout. If not, the plans need to be revised. Deviations from approved plans require that revised plans be submitted to the Permit Center. Deviations without approved plans require approval of the Fire Marshal. 
  • Instant Sprinkler Permit Used? If so, a final inspection certification form must be prepared and be available to the Fire Marshal upon arrival at the time of inspection. An inspection will not be conducted without this form.
  • All piping must be marked along its length as to manufacturer/type
  • All control valves must have signs identifying its function
  • Painted sprinklers must be replaced
  • Doors to rooms containing sprinkler equipment/control valves must be marked.
  • Hydraulic data plate must be displayed in the riser room
  • Stock of spare sprinklers in box with wrench in riser room
  • Any loss of pressure or visible leaks is cause for failure
  • Fire Pump Installation - Electrical inspection by County Electrical Inspector prior to Fire Marshal Inspection/Test
  • Fire Pump Installation - Hydrostatic test of  pump piping required to be witnessed by the Fire Marshal prior to the pump test
  • Fire Pump Installation - Inspection and pump test witnessed by Fire Marshal in accordance with NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps.
  • Standpipes - Hydrostatic test and flush - witnessed by the Fire Marshal
  • See - Fire Sprinkler Contractor License
Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems
Sprinkler systems are required to be maintained, periodically inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 25, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems as adopted and or modified by the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and the Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. This standard requires testing and or inspection on a weekly, monthly or annual basis as applicable by personnel who are competent through training and experience. 
Inspection, testing and maintenance shall be performed by personnel who have developed competence through training and experience. Corrections or repairs shall be performed by qualified personnel. The owner is responsible for ensuring that proper maintenance of a fire protection system is performed. Where the owner is not the occupant, the owner is permitted to pass on the authority for inspecting, testing and maintaining the fire protection systems to the occupant, management fire or managing individual through specific provision in the lease, written use agreement or management contract. See also - Fire Sprinkler Contracting Licensing .
The Fire Department is required to be notified before testing or shutting down a system or its supply and also upon its return to service.
Records of inspections, tests and maintenance shall be retained by the owner. Original records must be maintained for the life of the system and subsequent records shall be retained for a period of 1 year after the next inspection, test or maintenance required. 

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