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Use of Unvented Portable Kerosene-fired Heaters

The sale or use of unvented portable kerosene-fired heaters is permitted only if the heater or appliance meets U.L. Standard 647 and bears the label of a testing laboratory approved by the State Fire Marshal. The heaters shall only be used as permitted under Commercial Law article §14-1310, Annotated Code of Maryland. Each heater shall contain a warning label stating: “This device must not be operated while unattended.” In addition, all units of shall contain the manufacturer’s warning label required by Commercial Law Article, §14-1310 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.
§14-1310. Unvented portable kerosene-fired heaters.
(a) Compliance with State Fire Prevention Code - With the written consent of the property owner, a person may use unvented portable kerosene fired heaters in single family dwelling units and in commercial establishments in this State if the heaters otherwise comply with the State Fire Prevention Code regulations in effect on January 1, 1982.
(b) Use in commercial establishment
 (1) “Commercial establishment” does not include:
i. Places of public assembly capable of accommodating more than 50 persons;
ii. Day care centers;
iii. Education occupancies;
iv. Health care occupancies;
v. Hotels and motels; or
vi. Buildings (other than office facilities) where open flame devices would readily ignite flammable liquid vapor, explosives, or dust, or buildings over 3 stories in height.
(2) In commercial establishments, portable kerosene heaters may not be located in such a manner as to obstruct exits.
(3) This section shall not be construed to prohibit or allow the prohibition of the demonstration or repair of unvented portable kerosene-fired heaters in any commercial establishment.
(c) Manufacturer’s warning label - The manufacturer shall affix to each portable kerosene heater, in a safe and prominent place, a nondetachable warning label which states:
(1) This unit must be used in an area which has proper ventilation. Consult owner’s manual for details and instructions.
(2) Use of this heater may possibly be dangerous to persons with respiratory or circulatory disorders.
(3) Only “water-clear” kerosene meeting 1-K (ASTM) specifications should be used in this heater.

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