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Fire Department Access Roads/Fire Lanes

General Guidelines for Fire Department Access Roads
The AHJ (Fire Marshal Division)  shall have the authority to designate public or private fire lanes and fire department access roads as considered necessary. NFPA 1: 18.2.3. 
Fire department access roads shall be provided such that any portion of the facility or any portion of an exterior wall of the first story of the building is located not more than 150 feet from fire department access roads as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the building or facility.  (Radial measurements are not permitted.)  NFPA 1:
When measured from either end this measurement effectively allows 300' of most structures to not have formal fire department access.
Fire Department Connections
Fire department connections shall be located within 100 feet of a paved surface accessible to fire department apparatus. NFPA 1:  13.1.13 as amended
Fire Department Access Roads - Specifications  -NFPA 1:, as amended
SurfaceShall be designed and maintained to support the imposed loads of fire apparatus and shall be provided with an all-weather driving surface.
Width20' (minimum)
Setback10' from outermost projection of structure
Clear Height14'
Design Load35 tons (minimum)
Turning radii38' inside, 47' outside 
Gradea. 15% concrete surfaces
 b. 12% asphalt surfaces
 c.  5% unpaved surfaces
Cross Grade5%
Marking of Fire Department Access Roads
Paved Surfaces
Unpaved surfaces
  • A 20' wide entrance shall be provided and marked. The entire length of the unpaved fire lane shall be permanently outlined with reflective markers or by other approved methods at maximum 50' intervals. The terminus of non-continuous fire lanes shall have markers placed across the lane.
  • Curb-Cuts - Extend at least 2 ft. beyond each edge of the fire lane
  • The Fire Marshal Division shall be notified prior to cover.  A geotechnical report may be required to verify that the access road has been installed in accordance with applicable specifications.
Dead End Distances
  • Dead-end fire department fire lanes/access roads in excess of 150 feet in length shall be provided with approved provisions for the turning around of fire apparatus. NFPA 1, 
  • Approved signs shall be provided and maintained to identify fire department access roads or to prohibit the obstruction thereof or both.  Signs shall be provided at the ends of fire lanes with additional signs provided as needed not to exceed 100 feet spacing. Signs shall be in accordance with Anne Arundel County Fire Department standard detail for fire lane signs.  NFPA 1:



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