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Index of Opinion by Subject




AO-14-40 (Disabilities Commission no longer covered by ethics law), AO-14-07 (Severn River Commission no longer covered under ethics law), AO-12-63 (commingled investment vehicle), AO-12-12, AO-12-07, AO-11-08 (Area Agency Advisory Council not convered by ethics law), AO-08-54 (Volunteer firefighters are not employees), IO-04-65 (sheriff dept. employees not subject to County Ethics Law), IO-03-14 (qualified relative), IO-03-01 (soil conservation employees), IO-02-60 (MBE Committee not subject to county ethics law), IO-01-57 (dependent child), AO-00-93 (SRC members), IO-99-181 (adequate consideration), IO-99-116 (private vendors), IO-99-12 (transition team not covered), AO-96-101 ("employee")

et seq

AO-14-72, (Lobbyist must disclose costs of events where employees were invited but did not attend), AO-12-91 (gifts to employees triggers registration requirement), IO-04-16, IO-01-92, IO-00-26, IO-99-91, AO-99-72, IO-97-88, AO-96-101

Financial Disclosure:
et seq
Advisory Opinions:
  IO-04-13, IO-01-57
Appearance of a conflict of interest:

AO-13-54, AO-13-41AO-12-51, AO-12-22, AO-11-55, AO-09-55, AO-09-32, AO-08-07 (Supplemental), IO-06-76, IO-06-39, IO-06-31, IO-06-23, IO-04-39, IO-04-20, IO-02-39, IO-02-19, IO-00-92, AO-99-148, AO-99-45, AO-99-17

  AO-13-58 (not controlled donor), IO-99-218 (in honor of), IO-99-103 (perk in contract), IO-97-131 (bonus received from previous employer).

AO-14-50AO-13-54AO-09-49, AO-09-24, AO-09-09, AO-09-03, AO-08-25, AO-07-09, IO-02-83, AO-98-95 


AO-14-50, AO-14-21AO-13-54AO-12-88, AO-11-93, AO-11-45AO-11-44IO-06-17 (to promote county program), IO-03-91, IO-03-49, IO-02-129, IO-02-31, IO-00-113, IO-00-95, AO-99-175, AO-99-160, AO-98-92 (minimum guidelines), AO-97-140 (guidelines), AO-96-103

  For benefit of publicAO-08-25, IO-03-31, IO-01-29, IO-99-79, AO-99-199, IO-98-95, IO-97-87, AO-97-122, AO-97-41
  For benefit of employee(s)AO-13-44, AO-07-37IO-05-68, IO-02-45 (raffle for retiring employee), IO-02-41, IO-01-127 (raffle), AO-00-42AO-97-165, AO-07-37
  Approval of county executive AO-14-50

 Acceptance of

AO-13-101 (not controlled donor as to county council), AO-13-50 (not controlled donor), AO-13-24, AO-13-02 (not controlled donor), AO-12-73 (not controlled donor), AO-11-92 (retired employees), AO-11-70 (another government entity not a controlled donor), AO-11-38, (AO-09-27, AO-07-37IO-06-76 (campaign contribution), IO-99-110 (not controlled donor), IO-98-22 (true donor), AO-98-124 (anonymous), AO-98-94 (reward)

  General prohibitionAO-14-70, AO-14-58, AO-14-12AO-13-44AO-11-95 (determining value of ticket), AO-11-21AO-07-40AO-07-39IO-06-34, IO-05-26, IO-03-87, IO-03-30, IO-03-27, AO-02-88, AO-00-212, AO-00-131, AO-00-130, IO-99-161, IO-98-01
  Meals and Beverages

AO-14-64, AO-14-26AO-13-101AO-12-91, AO-12-29, AO-11-88, AO-10-78AO-07-49, AO-07-39, IO-06-31, IO-04-99, IO-04-85, IO-02-107, IO-02-57, IO-02-19, IO-00-182, IO-00-149, IO-00-181, AO-99-148, AO-99-86, IO-98-96, IO-98-38, IO-98-01 (not modest value), AO-98-72, IO-97-18

  Gifts of nominal value

AO-14-85AO-14-85AO-09-70, AO-08-61, AO-07-44, IO-06-31, IO-05-69, IO-05-52, AO-04-17, IO-03-20, IO-01-62, IO-00-195, IO-00-87,IO-99-156, IO-99-146

  Tickets or free admission to events

AO-13-33, AO-13,09AO-12-91, AO-12-47, AO-12-29, AO-11-95, AO-11-98, AO-11-80, AO-11-68, AO-11-62, AO-11-51, AO-11-34, AO-11-28, AO-10-72, AO-08-61, AO-08-57, AO-08-57(revised), AO-08-45, AO-08-12 AO-07-44AO-07-32AO-07-03IO-06-61, IO-06-20 (from lobbyist), IO-05-12, IO-04-93,IO-03-26 (may be affected by amendments to the ethics law), IO-02-134, IO-02-105, AO-00-219, (may no longer be valid), IO-01-140, IO-01-25, AO-01-83, (no longer valid), IO-00-116, IO-00-67, IO-00-54 (political fundraiser), IO-97-26

  Travel Expenses

AO-14-58AO-13-73, AO-13-14AO-12-37, AO-12-26, AO-11-07, AO-10-19, AO-09-37, AO-09-13, AO-08-54, AO-07-29, IO-06-26, IO-06-04 (not a gift), IO-05-19, IO-04-58, IO-03-63, IO-02-152, IO-02-66, IO-01-31, AO-00-142, AO-00-56, IO-99-139, IO-99-64, AO-99-189, IO-98-22, IO-98-15, AO-98-31, AO-98-24, AO-98-13, AO-97-132

  HonorariaAO-11-79IO-05-77, IO-00-103

AO-13-90AO-11-103, AO-11-21, AO-10-71,
AO-07-20IO-06-54, IO-05-61, IO-05-12, IO-05-08, IO-03-106, IO-03-15, AO-02-64, IO-01-109, IO-99-191, IO-98-17

  Door Prizes & Raffles

AO-11-105, AO-07-45IO-05-60 (raffle), IO-03-23, IO-01-07, IO-00-149, AO-00-168, IO-98-116, IO-98-74, IO-97-18

  Gifts to CountyAO-14-70AO-11-105, AO-07-77IO-06-62, IO-05-60, IO-03-80, IO-03-53, IO-02-131, AO-02-64, IO-00-152, IO-00-46, IO-99-54, IO-98-150, AO-97-162
  Permissible Gifts DisallowedAO-13-30AO-11-103, AO-08-57, IO-03-65, IO-01-107, IO-00-67, IO-99-164
  Personal Gifts

AO-10-28, AO-09-50, IO-01-137, IO-01-87, IO-00-51, AO-00-170

Secondary Employment  

AO-12-51, AO-12-01, AO-11-59, AO-11-14, AO-11-05, AO-08-53, AO-07-27IO-06-29, IO-05-06, IO-03-82, IO-02-16, IO-02-10, IO-01-39, AO-01-136, AO-01-58, IO-00-186, IO-00-99,  AO-00-9, IO-99-159, IO-00-106, IO-99-69

 Having a financial interest in entity doing business with agency AO-14-23 (exeption granted)
 With entity contracting or subcontracting with, or subject to regulation by employee's agency 

AO-14-20AO-13-13AO-12-55AO-11-52, AO-10-41, AO-10-07, AO-09-28, AO-09-17, AO-08-75, AO-08-53, AO-08-49, AO-07-60 (revised), AO-07-60AO-07-11IO-05-40, IO-05-38, IO-04-108, IO-04-103, IO-04-33, AO-04-79, IO-03-32, IO-02-72, IO-02-29, IO-01-118, IO-01-105, IO-00-154, IO-00-37, AO-00-65, IO-99-96, AO-99-158, AO-98-78, IO-97-112, IO-97-39, AO-95-106

  Police OfficersAO-07-21, (superseded by Bill 59-07), AO-07-04IO-02-136, AO-02-143, IO-00-184, IO-99-119, AO-99-176, AO-98-91, IO-97-15, AO-96-112
 With entity contracting with county 

AO-13-26 (exception granted), AO-12-55, AO-11-15, AO-10-103, AO-08-49, AO-07-90AO-07-55AO-07-38AO-07-23IO-05-47

Assistance in matters where county has an interest

AO-14-65AO-13-100, AO-13-45, AO-12-86, AO-12-50, AO-11-14, AO-10-64, AO-10-62, AO-09-68AO-09-03, AO-08-88, AO-08-85, AO-08-50, AO-08-41, AO-08-23, AO-08-23(Supplemental), AO-08-07, AO-08-07 (Supplemental), AO-07-61AO-07-26AO-07-18AO-07-14AO-07-11IO-06-50, IO-05-48, IO-04-102, IO-03-35, AO-02-151, AO-02-137, AO-02-73, IO-01-162 (Comm. Member as Lobbyist), IO-01-149 (ee on sap), IO-01-117 (Board of Appeals on State Task Force), IO-01-114 (ee as Mayor of Annapolis), IO-00-114, IO-00-31, IO-99-194, IO-99-80, IO-99-76, AO-99-197, AO-99-17, AO-99-9, AO-98-154, IO-97-66, IO-97-59, AO-96-104

Assistance before County Agency

AO-14-65, AO-14-57AO-08-88, AO-08-50, AO-08-41 IO-03-85, IO-02-76, IO-00-27, AO-99-26

 With another County Agency AO-07-08IO-05-85, IO-04-77, IO-03-21, IO-02-146, IO-00-194, IO-99-122, AO-98-110, IO-97-79
with one's own agency

AO-09-41, IO-04-35, IO-01-93

 Where employee has duties under the contract 


 Impairing impartial and independent judgment 

AO-09-72, IO-00-132, IO-99-152, AO-99-26, AO-99-17

 In related field 

AO-14-83AO-13-16AO-09-72, AO-09-63, AO-08-64, AO-07-41,IO-99-76

 Ex officio service 

AO-14-14AO-09-09, AO-99-175, AO-99-160


AO-09-63, IO-04-77, IO-03-55, AO-01-41, IO-00-188 (in ex officio capacity)

Prestige of Office  

AO-14-60AO-10-64AO-09-55, IO-04-88, IO-04-35, IO-00-94, IO-99-132

 For personal gain or the gain of another 

AO-13-41AO-09-30, AO-09-28, AO-09-15, AO-08-88AO-08-68, AO-08-12,  AO-07-40IO-05-77, IO-05-26, IO-04-87, IO-04-28, IO-04-20, IO-03-30, IO-03-26, IO-02-133, IO-02-132, IO-02-99, AO-02-23, IO-02-20, AO-02-88, IO-01-93, AO-00-119, IO-99-44, AO-99-121, AO-98-152, AO-98-139, IO-97-39

 Gifts offered solely because of employees' position 

AO-14-70AO-13-50, AO-13-24, AO-13-09, AO-13-02AO-12-73, AO-10-45AO-09-30

  Use of County Resources

AO-14-40, AO-14-21AO-13-90AO-13-66, AO-13-62AO-10-62AO-09-69, AO-08-24, AO-07-74AO-07-54AO-07-42IO-06-78, IO-05-68, IO-05-61, IO-04-65, IO-04-27, IO-03-19, AO-02-91, IO-01-124, IO-01-116, IO-01-32, IO-00-179, IO-00-22, IO-99-195, IO-99-152, IO-99-3, AO-99-105, AO-98-139, IO-97-21, AO-97-162

  Use of title, prestige or authority

AO-14-60, AO-14-40, AO-13-100, AO-13-54AO-10-39AO-09-72, AO-09-68, AO-09-49, AO-09-15, AO-09-03, AO-08-88, AO-08-64, AO-08-49AO-07-74IO-05-77, IO-03-23, IO-01-57, IO-01-29, IO-01-02, AO-01-136, IO-00-132, IO-99-194, IO-99-117, IO-98-07, AO-98-91, AO-97-133, IO-97-112 (to obtain secondary employment), AO-97-112, AO-96-111, AO-96-103

  Service on boards of directors

AO-13-28, AO-13-22, AO-13-11AO-12-86, AO-11-59AO-08-88, AO-08-41, IO-04-23, IO-03-57, IO-03-49, IO-02-7, IO-01-96, IO-00-96, AO-00-10, AO-99-9, IO-98-50, AO-96-111 (superseded) AO-96-109 (superseded)

  Ex officio serviceAO-00-10, IO-99-119
  Being a WitnessAO-10-30AO-07-01IO-04-28, AO-02-151, IO-02-141, AO-00-05, IO-97-27
  FundraisingAO-10-60IO-06-61, IO-02-155, IO-02-129, IO-00-123, IO-00-68
  Supervisory AuthorityIO-02-103, IO-01-28, AO-98-139, AO-96-102

AO-11-71AO-09-49, AO-09-30, AO-09-20, AO-09-18, AO-09-09, AO-08-24, IO-05-61, IO-00-179, IO-00-139, IO-99-107, IO-98-80, AO-97-114

 Exception for Constituent Service 

AO-11-71, AO-11-40AO-09-49, AO-08-78, IO-03-64, IO-03-08, IO-01-146, IO-98-85

 Where the employee/relative has an interest 

AO-12-60, AO-12-58, AO-12-22, AO-09-68, AO-08-56, AO-08-50, AO-08-41, AO-07-93AO-07-61AO-07-58AO-07-27AO-07-23AO-07-17AO-07-12AO-07-02IO-06-18, IO-04-106, IO-04-36, IO-03-86, IO-02-146, IO-02-103, IO-02-95, IO-02-75, IO-01-17, IO-00-37, IO-00-31, AO-00-93, AO-00-05, AO-98-105, AO-98-35, AO-98-35, AO-97-191, AO-97-36, AO-96-102

 By the County Council 

AO-14-84 (general guidelines only), AO-13-12AO-12-66, AO-12-58, AO-11-85, AO-11-66, AO-11-48, AO-11-09, AO-10-54, AO-10-40, AO-10-24, AO-10-13, AO-09-79, AO-09-73, AO-09-60, AO-09-38, AO-09-32, AO-09-21, AO-08-88, AO-07-95AO-07-87AO-07-80AO-07-78,  AO-07-76AO-07-71, AO-07-70, AO-07-34 ((ADDENDUM)), AO-07-34AO-07-15, AO-07-13AO-07-06, IO-05-72, IO-05-29 (where legislative aide has interest), AO-04-07/08,IO-03-94, IO-03-50, IO-03-34/36, IO-03-12, IO-03-05, IO-02-150, IO-02-86, IO-02-84, IO-02-46, IO-02-24/25, IO-01-113, IO-01-52, IO-01-08, IO-01-03, IO-00-127 (stock ownership), IO-00-118, IO-00-105 (2 opinions), IO-00-44, IO-00-21, AO-00-167, AO-00-57, AO-00-49, AO-00-18, AO-00-10, AO-00-02, IO-99-36, AO-99-87, AO-99-27, AO-99-26, AO-99-2, AO-98-110, AO-98-105, AO-98-39, IO-97-130, AO-97-164, AO-97-42

 By the County Executive AO-13-13IO-02-109

AO-12-11, IO-03-14, IO-02-100, AO-97-194

 Exception Considered 

AO-12-66, AO-12-58, AO-10-14IO-01-11

 Where duty can be delegated AO-07-46
Post Employment Restrictions  AO-14-80AO-11-20, AO-06-99IO-05-47, IO-97-52
 General Prohibition AO-08-46, AO-07-89AO-07-25AO-02-151, IO-99-162, AO-99-185, AO-96-105
 Former elected employees and department heads A0-13-49
 Waiver (no longer valid as per Bill 70-12) AO-10-01, AO-00-60
 “Substantial participation in same matter” AO-14-80
Disclosure or use of Confidential Information  AO-08-46, IO-02-68, AO-99-185, IO-98-100, AO-97-114, AO-96-105
Political Activity  AO-10-31
 "Anti-Hatch Act" 

AO-14-40AO-13-91AO-10-39AO-09-68 (PAB member not protected by ACT), IO-06-27 (SRC member not protected by Act), IO-02-147, IO-02-95, IO-01-14, IO-00-110

 Other AO-13-91IO-06-79, IO-06-39, IO-02-133, IO-02-132, IO-02-93 (ethics commission member may not serve as election judge), IO-02-39, AO-02-91, IO-01-125, IO-01-114, IO-00-54
Non-Ethics Issues  

AO-09-41 (spouse may contract with employee's agency if employee wholly uninvolved), AO-08-58 (distribution of county materials), IO-02-124 (holding dual offices), IO-01-23 (donating county flag for fund raiser), IO-01-15 (vending machines), IO-00-196 (accepting compensation for advertising), IO-00-157 (franchisee contract with public works)



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