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Ethics Commission 


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Index to Ethics Commission Opinions

The law requires the ethics commission to issue an advisory opinion, upon request, to any county employee or volunteer, regarding the application of the ethics law to that person. The ethics commission may issue an advisory opinion upon request, to any other person, at its discretion. For specific information regarding the issuance of advisory opinions, see Title 3 of the ethics law.
The ethics commission previously designated its advisory opinions as either AO (Advisory Opinion) or IO (Informal Opinion). Since the ethics commission considered and approved all opinions, regardless of their designations, those designations are not significant and will no longer be used. Beginning in 2007, all advisory opinions will be designated as such.
The ethics law was amended in 2003, and a few of the opinions issued prior to the effective date of the amendment may no longer be valid. Please check with the ethics commission before relying on any of the opinions issued prior to November 2003.
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