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Ethics Commission - Ethics Opinions 2014 


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2014 Ethics Opinions



The members of the Severn River Commission are no longer included in the definition of employees covered by the ethics law.  Since the ethics law no longer applies to them, the ethics commission cannot provide advice concerning the application of the ethics law to the members of the SRC. 



An employee may not accept a gift or gratuity in excess of $20 from a contractor who is seeking to do business with the county, specifically involving a facility managed by that employee.


An employee may work in an official capacity writing a periodic column for a local newspaper, subject to the employee's supervisor's approval, as long as the employee is not compensated and does not endorse any products or service providers.



Coworkers may buy and sell from each other as long as the activity is not related to county business and as long as the transactions are not done on county time or in the work place.


Employees may not sell goods or services, or raise money for charitable causes during work hours or in county facilities, unless the charitable activity is expressly approved by the county executive.


An exception to the prohibition on holding certain financial interests is granted for an employee whose spouse is a principal owner of an entity doing business with the employee's agency, under the specific circumstances described in the opinion.  

Members of the county council may not accept an invitation from a lobbyist to a party if the cost per person exceeds $25 or if the donor has currently pending business with the council.  




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