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Ethics Commission - Opinions 2013 


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Index of Opinions 2013

A member of the county council may accept free tickets to attend a gala in honor of the presidential inauguration that is offered by the donor- a commercial entity.  The donor is not a controlled donor and the gift is not offered as an honorarium or gratuity, but as a courtesy to the office.
A member of the county council may accept free tickets to attend the charitable gala of a non-profit foundation as the guest of the president and CEO of the entity, offered as a courtesy to the office.
A member of the county council may serve on the board of directors of a private entity subject to the limitations set forth in the opinion.
A member of the county council is presumptively disqualified from participating in the selection process for the interim county executive where the member benefits from a close economic association with an applicant for the position.
An applicant for selection to the office of county executive may engage in secondary employment with, and have ownership interests in various business entities that are subject to regulation by the county, subject to the limitations generally addressed in the opinion.
An employee may not accept travel expenses to a conference for the purpose of attending meetings with vendors or potential vendors.
A forester in the department of inspections and permits may teach a licensing class in forest conservation at the community college, based upon skills and qualifications acquired before county employment, subject to certain limitations set forth in the opinion.
A official of the police department may be required to file an annual financial disclosure statement because the protections afforded by the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights do not apply to disclosure of assets when disclosure is mandated by state law.  
The chief administrative officer of the county may continue to serve, in a personal capacity, on the board of the Anne Arundel Community College Foundation, Inc., subject to the limitations addressed in the opinion.
County officials may accept free tickets to an event from a non-controlled donor.
A firefighter may continue to engage in secondary employment with an entity that is negotiating a contract with the fire department, pursuant to an exception granted by the ethics commission, and subject to the limitations described in the opinion.  
A member of the county council may serve on the board of directors of the Chesapeake Arts Center, Inc. subject to the limitations described in the opinion.  
Members of the county council may not accept free tickets to an event where the host of the event and donor of the tickets is presently seeking the council's approval of a grant request of $240,000. 
The county executive may accept a free ticket to attend a cultural event and may in lieu of attending, send a designee as a representative of the office.
A contract permitting an elected official to use county real property for hunting purposes reasonably creates the appearance of impropriety.
An employee may not accept the gift of a party from a "Friends" organization with which the employee's agency does business and volunteers with the organization may not be solicited for gifts or donations for the party.   
A council member may not assist or represent that member's private employer, in connection with the public hearing process held by MDE for an NPDES permit that may be issued by the MDE to the county for stormwater management.
The position of government relations officer is not is considered a "department or office head" for purposes of 7-5-105(b)(1).
Firefighters may accept the gift of a free lunch as part of a church's charitable outreach program, under the circumstances described in the opinion.
The suggestion to a lobbyist from an elected official that it create a fund to provide awards to county teachers creates the appearance of improper influence.
Leadership Anne Arundel, Inc. is not per se a controlled donor, although many of its supporters and sponsors are, and if the true donor of a gift from LAA is a controlled donor, then the gift provisions of Section 7-5-106 are applicable.
A private foundation may hold a charitable fundraiser at a county facility if it is approved by the county executive as promoting a county program or purpose or benefitting the citizens of the county, subject to the conditions described in the opinion.    
The fire department may not permit departmental resources (fire apparatus or uniforms) to be used to participate in the flag-raising ceremony of a commercial entity, under the circumstances described in the opinion.  
Employees may accept travel expenses from a non-controlled donor under the circumstances described in the opinion.
Employees of a public safety agency may take advantage of apartment rental discounts offered by an apartment complex, subject to the limitations discussed in the opinion, but neither the fire department nor any employee may act as a liaison for the complex to market the discount program, and county resources may not be used for that purpose.  
The ethics law does not apply in any way to restrict the political activities of county employees but does regulate the use of county time and resources. State law permits county employees to fully participate in political activity, subject to express limitations that are not subject to the control of local government. 
A member of the county council may accept an free ticket to a private entity's event only if the entity is not a "controlled donor."  
An employee in community constituent services may not provide character or other opinion testimony to the county liquor board, unless it is within the scope of the employee's official duties because the employee's office does business with the liquor board and because the testimony would constitute the prohibited assistance or representation of a person before another county agency or employee.


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