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Index of Opinions 2007

AO-07-01 Icon: PDF
A council member may not use the prestige of office to provide character or any type of testimony for compensation before the board of appeals, but the ethics law does not apply to factual testimony provided in response to a subpoena.

AO-07-02 Icon: PDF
A member of the board of appeals may not participate in any matter in which the community association to which the member belongs has an interest or takes a position.

AO-07-03 Icon: PDF
An elected official may accept complementary ticket to a cultural event from the sponsor of the event.

AO-07-04 Icon: PDF
Police officers may not accept employment with private security firms to work as uniformed security guards.
AO-07-06 Icon: PDF
A council member may vote on legislation affecting the fire department, where the member’s spouse is a firefighter, because the spouse has no interest in the legislation and it will have no impact on the spouse’s terms or conditions of employment.
AO-07-08 Icon: PDF
The administrative officer to the county council may engage in secondary employment as an inspector for the liquor board.
AO-07-09 Icon: PDF
The Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation may solicit sponsorships for a planned event, following the guidelines set forth in the opinion.
AO-07-11 Icon: PDF
A volunteer firefighter may be hired as the fire department’s volunteer coordinator but as an employee of the county, the volunteer coodinator may not serve as an officer or director of the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firefighters Association.

AO-07-12 Icon: PDF
A member of the Severn River Commission who is also an employee of the United States Naval Academy may not participate in any matter before the SRC in which the Academy has an interest.


AO-07-13 Icon: PDF
An employee who participates in the administration of pension benefits may participate in those matters that involve employees that work in the same department as the employee’s spouse, but the employee may not participate in any matter concerning the employee’s spouse’s benefits.


AO-07-14 Icon: PDF
A member of the PAB, who is also the president of the NAACP, may not assist or represent the NAACP in any matter either before a county agency or employee, or in which the county has a potentially adversarial interest.

AO-07-15 Icon: PDF
A member of the county council who is also an attorney, may not participate in legislation that will affect the interests of a client of the member’s law firm.
AO-07-17 Icon: PDF
A member of the county council who also owns a tavern may not participate in legislation having to do with smoking inside bars and restaurants since that legislation the member has an interest in the outcome of the legislation.

AO-07-18 Icon: PDF
A member of the disabilities commission may not assist or represent private clients in proposed legal action against the school board because the county has an interest in the matter.


AO-07-19 Icon: PDF
A volunteer who is required to file financial disclosure but who does not have access to certain information that is required to be disclosed, may in lieu of complete disclosure, disclose only the nature of the interest and other facts of which the volunteer has specific knowledge.


AO-07-20 Icon: PDF
Public safety officers may accept a discount on rental property where the discount is part of an offer made to large groups of people and where the recipients will still be required to pay legal and adequate consideration for the rental property.

AO-07-21 Icon: PDF
County police officers may not engage in secondary employment where alcohol is sold or served.
AO-07-23 Icon: PDF
A member of the Board of Appeals may be employed by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools, under the circumstances described in the opinion, and subject to the provisions on non-participation in certain matters.
AO-07-25 Icon: PDF
The former planning and zoning officer may participate in a contract involving the office of planning and zoning where the contract does not involve confidential information or matters in which the former employee participated significantly as an employee.
AO-07-26 Icon: PDF
A planner may join the board of a land trust organization under the circumstances described in the opinion, provided that the employee does not assist or represent the organization in matters in which the county may have an interest.
AO-07-27 Icon: PDF
A member of the Planning Advisory Board may host a radio show on a local station owned by a community association, subject to provisions on non-participation.
AO-07-29 Icon: PDF
An employee may not accept travel expenses to a meeting from a donor doing business with the county because the employee is not a scheduled speaker or panelist at the meeting.
AO-07-32 Icon: PDF
An employee may not accept a ticket valued at $500, to attend an awards dinner that is offered by a business entity because of the employee’s position with the county.
AO-07-34 Icon: PDF
A council member may not participate in legislative activity on a bill that is proposed by an local council of an organization to which the council member belongs, even though the member belongs to a different local council.
AO-07-34 (Addendum) Icon: PDF
Council members affiliated with a national organization through different local councils may not participate in legislation proposed by a private entity that was incorporated to support another local council of the national organization.

AO-07-35 Icon: PDF
Members of the disabilities commission are subject to certain restrictions concerning outside employment and advocacy that are imposed by various provisions of the ethics law.


AO-07-37 Icon: PDF
County employees may not solicit prizes from private business entities to give to county employees who participate as contestants in a county sponsored contest that is open to the public. County employees may not accept gifts of significant value that are offered to them because of their positions with the county. Prizes may be accepted by county employees only on the same terms and under the same conditions as other contestants.


AO-07-38 Icon: PDF
County webmaster may work as a volunteer webmaster for a private entity that has a contract with the county.


AO-07-39 Icon: PDF
County employees may not accept an invitation to attend an event sponsored by a controlled donor to "honor" a county employee.

AO-07-40 Icon: PDF
Employee in county executive’s office may not accept free tuition from membership organization made up primarily of controlled donors because as a gift, it is not a permissible exception to the gift prohibitions and because acceptance would constitute an abuse of position.
AO-07-41 Icon: PDF
A county liquor board inspector may accept an appointment to the city liquor board.
AO-07-42 Icon: PDF
The county may not permit a private for-profit entity to use a county facility to hold a seminar for profit, even if the quid pro quo would include free tuition for one or two county employees.

AO-07-44 Icon: PDF
Employees of central district roads may accept unsolicited tickets to the Renaissance Festival offered to all the neighbors who live near the festival because the gift does not exceed $25 per person and because it was not offered to the employees because of their status as employees.


AO-07-45 Icon: PDF
A county employee who won a prize in a contest that was open to anybody renewing a membership in a professional organization may keep the prize even though the county paid for the renewal, under the specific circumstances described in the opinion.


AO-07-46 Icon: PDF
A department head who is disqualified from participating in a certain matter, may, if permitted by law, designate a deputy to serve as acting department head. If not permitted by law, the department head may participate provided that full disclosure of the nature and circumstances of the conflict of interest is made.


AO-07-49 Icon: PDF
County council members may not accept a free dinner of more than a modest value from Concentra, an entity that does business with the county.


AO-07-54 Icon: PDF
Fire department personnel may approve the use of a photograph of a fire department vehicle in a commercial advertisement by a private entity, where the county and department logos do not appear in the photo.


AO-07-55 Icon: PDF
Business entities in which a council member is employed or has a qualifying relative with a financial interest may bid on a county contract but the council member may not participate in any activity involving the contract, either as a council member, or as an employee of one of the entities

AO-07-58 Icon: PDF
An employee may not participate in a task force to study issues relating to a special event if that employee participates in a group that contracts with the holder of the event to perform at the event.
AO-07-60 Icon: PDF and AO-07-60 (revised) Icon: PDF
An agency may contract with an entity where the owner is qualified relative of the employee, but the employee may not participate in any matter having to do with the contract. Additionally, the employee must terminate any financial, employment, or contractual relationship with the entity.
AO-07-61 Icon: PDF
An employee in DPW may not sign a building permit application in Anne Arundel County on behalf of an entity for which he serves as a trustee, and the employee may not participate in any review of the application.

AO-07-67 Icon: PDF
A county council member may participate in legislation that will affect the agency that employs the member's spouse in the absence of an actual conflict of interest.

AO-07-71 Icon: PDF
A council member may participate in legislative action on a bill that would require applicants for certain permits to pay a fee to be applied to stormwater management and restoration even though the council member is a permit applicant, because current and future applicants comprise a large class of the general public.
AO-07-74 Icon: PDF
A department may not participate as a vendor in an event sponsored by a private entity and for reasons set forth in AO-07-42, may not permit the private entity to use county facilities to hold this event.

AO-07-76 Icon: PDF
A council member may participate in legislative action on a bill affecting zoning for certain liquor licenses where the council member’s license will not be affected.

AO-07-77 Icon: PDF
A gift card worth $100 given to a department by a vendor is a gift to the county, to be accepted and disposed of pursuant to the county’s published administrative procedures.
AO-07-78 Icon: PDF
A council member whose spouse works for the health department may generally participate in legislation affecting the health department as long as the member’s spouse does not have an interest in the legislation.

AO-07-80 Icon: PDF
A council member who is a veteran, may participate in legislation concerning veteran’s preferences in hiring for county jobs, because the member is not currently looking for a county job that would be subject to the preference.

AO-07-81 Icon: PDF
On-site training held by contractors may be made available to non-county employees under the limited circumstances set forth in the opinion. 

AO-07-87 Icon: PDF
This opinion summarizes previous opinions dealing with a council member's participation in legislative actions in matters involving the fire department where the spouse of the council member is a career firefighter. The opinion also addresses the definition of "legislative action" and the propriety of a council chairman presiding over matters in which the council member's participation is restricted.


AO-07-89 Icon: PDF
A former assistant planning and zoning officer may work on a contract bid, and if awarded, a contract to conduct the housing impact analysis of BRAC for the county.


AO-07-90 Icon: PDF
An employee of the auditor's office may serve on the board of directors of a non-profit organization that is seeking a grant from the county, subject to certain ethics law constraints described in the opinion.

AO-07-93 Icon: PDF
A member of the Planning Advisory Board may continue to belong to various civic associations but the ethics law will limit the board member's participation in both the private organizations and the PAB.

AO-07-95 Icon: PDF
The members of the county council may participate in matters affecting retiree benefits even though the members may be affected by the outcome of this participation. Previous commission opinions addressing this issue acknowledge that the ethics law permits participation in the presence of a conflict of interest, when there is nobody else who may act and when the conflict is publicly disclosed.


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